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Best step up from PN in rounder waves?

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  • Best step up from PN in rounder waves?

    Love the PN in 1-4ft waves, good drive, turns and stable.
    Problem is, due to the flat nose rocker, I've found the nose will dig in rounder barrely waves, even when small.
    Found that I can adjust somewhat by putting a bit of extra weight on the tail....but not ideal.

    Qu is, what would be a good step up from PN in hollower waves? I like the look of the Unibrow...any other tips?
    I'm 75kgs, int-adv...usually surf 1-4ft waves at home, 2-8ft waves on trips, cheers.

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      Agreed! Potatonator is an amazing board. I just had the best surf session of the year on it in shoulder to head high surf. Almost grabbed my hellrazor but it was petty soft on a high tide and I was glad to have my Potatonator. When the waves get steeper the hellrazor is perfect!


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        As the guys are saying above, the HZ is a pretty awesome board for hollow, fast surf, and that sounds like what you're looking for.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          Yeah the Hellrazor works really well in hollow surf it has great rocker in the nose and tail, really stays under foot, you can trust it in critical surf.


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            Also looking at a stepup to my Pnator. Wont be surfing anything higher then head high, Razor the go or is a Chubby enough? Slowly advancing to intermediate and weigh in at around 71kg. At home i need a 3/2 and 5/4 (with hood,boots,gloves). Surfing a 5,8 pnator and love it but struggling when the waves get steeper and faster, might be a bit overvolumed but i only get around 60 surfdays a year. What board and size would you recommend?