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Baked pot, potatonator & dominator = overkill?

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  • Baked pot, potatonator & dominator = overkill?

    I currently have a BP and a Dominator. I love the BP, best board ever, I use that for most days unless it gets +3ft, then I use my dominator. At the moment I don't really go out above 5ft. I thought about instead of buying a performance board thus replacing my dominator I may buy a potatonator and keep the Dom for those clean slightly steeper days. I am thinking this way purely as I have so much fun on the BP, most memorable surfs are on that, so if it's slightly more performance orientated in slightly better waves I could be super stoked. I was looking at a CC until I had this thought earlier today. Do you think there is too much cross over between the three boards? I'm thinking there could be but as I have so much fun and catch heaps of waves on my BP, why not replicate that in surf 2-4 ft? Thoughts??? Cheers.

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    I would say way too much crossover. I had a BP and a potatonator and ended up selling the BP to fund my Unibrow, so if you are looking for a bit more performance and yopu love your BP then I'd suggest a Unibrow, by far my favourite board, but the Potatonator isnt to far behind


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      I'd agree that's loads of overlap. You'd be better off getting a CC or UB or something. Youv got your BP for up to 2-3ft which is exactly where the new board will take over. These boards are still pretty hybridy so you shouldn't have trouble getting into waves. I currently have a CC and am looking to get a BP for 1-3ft. Then maybe something for real big or fast hollow waves but my CC will still get ridden heaps


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        Hey guys, yeah I have re thought it and do agree there is too much overlap, esp if I want to push my surfing a bit. Have gone back to the idea of getting a CC. Ive decided to sell my 5'6 Dom and get a 5'10 CC. I could go the 5'9 though I think having an additional 1L might help just that little bit getting into waves. More waves = more fun. I spoke for 30min to one of the dealers and we nutted out a few ideas, though this was def the final soloution. Thanks for your replys though, get little resource this!


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          I am in support of the CC as well - you're stoked.

          - FIJ

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        Mate youll love it, let us know how you go!