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    Hi All

    My girlfriend has started talking about getting a new board, since her board seams to ding every 2nd time she uses it. I've been riding FWs for a while and am really happy with my boards.
    At the moment she has a beaten 6'8" PU board 20 1/5 wide, 2 5/8 thick. She is 163cm tall and 54kg (5'4" 120 lbs). She has a good paddling technique but surfs irregularly. She positions herself quite good on the wave to take off for a beginner but struggles with the popup and duck diving (because of her board size).

    So to my questions:
    * What FW boards would you recommend for beginners, moving to beginner intermediate.
    I figure that since her biggest challenge seams to be the popup, something shorter and wider than what she has now would be a good idea.
    What sizes and volume would you suggest on those boards?

    All input are welcomed!!

    Peace Qanik

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    Hey mate,

    I am in a similar situation. My missus is 5'6 and must be somewhere around 55kg. She currently has a 6'4 which in shape is a bit of a shortboard/egg hybrid with a swallow tail (but not like a big wide fish tail), its fairly thick but not very wide and actually has a decent bit of entry rocker. Me and all my mates that have ridden the board alwats have a load of fun its great in the small stuff and paddles really well feels quite like a mini mal.

    She however hates it and has got pretty unconfident with it especially surfing out local beach which tends to have quite steep take offs she doesnt seem to get into the wave enough and gets tipped forwards a lot. She is way happier and has way more success and gets churned over way less when shes on my 509 chubby chedda.

    I have been tihnking about what board to get her for a while, my number one choice was potatonator as that seems to go well in the wave range shed mostly be riding (1-3ft) i was also thinking get it with a bit of volume. My only concern is its going to be very short... Not sure how much it would be an issue. Have also thought of dominator which might have a bit more length for the same volume but is still gonna come up tiny...

    Let me know how you get on!!!


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      what about an Addvance? is that something that's going to work?


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        Addvance as small as possible! Amazing boards for learning (and you can enjoy it too)


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          Thanks for your answer!
          The smallest Addvance is a 6'6" and has 48l volume. that seams like a lot of float for here. Especially since she is looking to improve here duckdives. Her current board is as I said a 6'8" so the wouldn't be much difference.

          Do you have any other suggestions or experiences?


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            great advice folks!