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Potatonator review.

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  • Potatonator review.

    Hi guys thought I would give a bit of a review on the potatonator. Firstly I'm 5'11 and 75 kg advanced surfer and I've been surfing on the 5'4. This is the best board I have ever owned. I surf it with a quad when it's waist high or below. The thing has a heap of get up and go and you can really get the fins out or take to the air with ease, while others struggle just because of the speed you can generate. Surfing quad adds so much excitement to sloppy and weak waves you can do a turn and just release. When surfing up to three foot I always surf it as a thruster. This allows me to pivot off the centre fin and go a bit more vertical. It is actually quite surprising how week the potatonator goes when there is a bit of powers in the waves. You can hold a rail very easily and do some big carves. I use a bigger fin when surfing thruster just to give a bit more hold. You can also get into waves a lot earlier and this allows you to line up a section with ease. Potatonator is a magic board!!! Get on one

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    stoked daco!