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  • Beginner's Sizing?

    Hi guys! been going through topics similar to this on the forums for weeks now yet couldn't find an answer to fit my dimensions+skill level..
    I've been zero-ing in on purchasing a Firewire Potatonator as my first factory board.
    I'm a beginner-intermediate surfer (probably leaning more towards beginner), looking to make the transition into catching unbroken waves and carving more sharply than with a funboard/softboard.

    I'm 21 years old, 5 foot 8.5 inches and 141-142 pounds and was wondering what size should I get my Potatonator at?
    I'm a pretty decent Snowboarder and that helped me get the hang of surfing quite quickly, so I'm looking for a board I can "grow with" and that'll allow me to advance my abilities and not having to replace it once I get the hang of carving/catching unbroken waves. (i.e. not inhibit executing maneuvers in the future)

    I've also been pondering whether I should buy a Spitfire/Dominator instead but I surf mainly 2-5 foot waves which is what pushed me in the Potatonator's direction in the first place. (And they're mushy quite often).
    The volume calculator says to go with a 5"8 but the length/volume kinda spook me, the only non funboard/softboard I ever tried surfing on was a 6"3.. So maybe a 5"10 would be better?
    I read nottyR6's review and don't want to end up going too small.

    Thank you for your assistance! (btw, first thread here!)

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    Soft waves suited to wider, thicker board. Whatever length the Potatonator is wider and same thickness as Dominator they are variations on the same theme - small wave boards flat rocker. Use board comparison function on the home page. Both have similar rockers with PN being a little flatter. It sounds like you are at that stage when you do go through a string of boards. Too short - no catching waves, too thick - plenty of waves but board not responding. So I'd redo the volume calculator, play down ability, add a few kgs for wetsuit or beer consumption, then go to top end of volume. I ride top of my volume despite over 40 years surfing as I now realise age is slowing my paddling speed. This is where planning area comes in but differences between 5"10 PN or Dom is next to nothing. So in the next 18 months you will downsize or move to another shape maybe performance orientated. Most surfers are riding copies of pro boards in slop when not as fit - so they bog and surf poorly.
    New range of Dominators has 5'8", 5'9", 5'10", 5'11", 6' and 6'1" all with 21/2 thickness. However, I am a real fan of double concave as in PN and Unibrow. PN at 5'10" is a large lump of foam.
    If you go bigger than you should make sure you get bigger fins as tail will sit higher unless you really push it down so more contact is needed at times. Hope this helps -my next purchase is getting rid of 6'4" Spitfire for 6'2" Potatonator.