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Biggest waves you have taken your Potatonator in?

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  • Biggest waves you have taken your Potatonator in?

    I'm getting ready to leave for Nicaragua and last week I broke my Spitfire. I'm hoping my new one comes in time but if not I may bring my 5'10" PN.

    I have a Uni 6'2" that I'm also bringing but I'm wondering just how big of waves can you surf a PN in? OH Barrels?


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    The Potatonator inspires confidence. When the surf got over head, I was able to drop in and drive down the line really well. But when it came time to turn, with all that speed, it would slide out.

    Having said that, I just went to Pavones with a friend who brought a PN and Uni. He started with the Uni because it was double overhead. But he eventually switched to the PN and stuck with it because it's what he's used to surfing back home. He looked much better on it too.


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      I surfed the PN up to double o/head. I loves it in small or big beachies and walled up points. I liked a big thruster set in big conditions.
      I didn't like the PN in really hollow surf thou. I found the entry rocker a bit too flat. I even noticed that when it was barrelling and small.
      So, IMHO, great for 2-5ft surf, driving turns and wrapping cutbacks..a bit tough when it's barrelling.


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        yeah ive had mine in well overhead, took it out as a quad when it was clean and barreling, and that was sweet. could get into waves really early so the low rocker didnt bother me.
        also took it out in about 5-6 ft and used a large thruster fin and the thing went sick. realy held in turns well. i was so surprised at how well it went.


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          Nice! Great info and feedback. Thanks so much. I may take it with me based on this info. Thanks again!!