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Quadraflex vs. Hellfire?

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    yeah production is cranking and boards are on their way, but inventories are still low for certain shapes/sizes at retail.

    Surf Pilgrim,
    That board we are out of and it would be tight getting it to you in 10 days. we do have a few scheduled to come in end of next week, but the delivery could very easily show up the week after next. If you want a shot at it, the best thing would be to place the order with Surfride and drop a deposit or whatever it is that they need. After you place it, have them email me directly at and I'll enter it with the specific details of your circumstance and we'll go from there.

    I am not sure on Surf Ride's purchase policies, but you may have to accept the risk of the board showing up after you you make the call.

    Feel free to follow up over email, I will likely respond faster there.