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quadra5 fin set up, wave size and paddle power

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  • quadra5 fin set up, wave size and paddle power

    Was wondering if anyone out there can provide some feedback oin how the quadra5 paddles into waves and what the optimal wave size is??, I am looking to replace a 6'8 Alternator which paddles into waves well but is a touch on the big side. I am looking at a 6'6 quadra -5 and hoping that I will gain some manouvreability without losing too much paddle power for catching waves. Wave catching is very important to me as i am 40 and a weak paddler and weigh 85kg. Also what fins (fcs) work well in the quadra 5 as a quad set up or thruster set up. I imagine I would use quads up to overhead then switch to thruster once waves are overhead plus. Any feedback much appreciated. Thanks

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    I did exactly the same thing. More later.


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      Sorry, I was interrupted earlier! Ok I surf the Q5 exclusively as a thruster. Like you I was coming off a 6'8" Alt which I loved but was over volumed for me. The 6'6" q5 works a treat. I've only surfed it with the Kinetic Racing Joel Parkinsonism carbon base fins. They worked from the start and haven't felt the need to try anything else. I haven't got a quad suggestion. I rarely surf a quad set up and when I do I typically use the front fins of whatever thruster set up I like, and then put in some QPX fins as trailers. You'll love the board. FireWire can be a but about the new models from time to time but this shape along with the Dom and Alt are absolutely classics.