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  • WCT tech flex in 510 Spit

    Just picked up a 510 spitfire .
    In futures I have
    STRETCH 375& 400 QD rears

    The WCT SEEM like a no brained as a thruster set up what quad set you guys running ?
    I like quads in fast hollow surf as well as for softer .
    If A frame peaks I'll tend to ride convertible boards as a thruster if only fast lefts ( frontside ) I tend to like the down the line speed for making barrels and ability to get higher on the wall easier of quads .

    WhAt quad fears work better in the WCT the 375 or 400 for you guys ?

    I'm 6' 178 or so Advanced in charging ability and overall experience and solidness but intermediate as far as lip tricks . More a solid long time meat and potatos surfer

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    Yeah the WCT will make good quad fronts, I know nothing about Futures quad rears though, that seems to be the big whole in their range from what I can tell.
    I wonder how the controller rears would go with WCT fronts. Would be real loose I reckon.


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      thruster........i tried the k2.1s in my dom and didn't feel like they had enough drive with such a short rail line.. they're basically the same as the wct's.. tried the gam's but felt too sticky.. gam's with smaller trailer was pretty good.. obviously all fcs but just do the conversion..
      controllers won't work imo
      i'd start with the full stretch quad and go from there..
      k2.1's with stretch rears went ok but again not enough drive for me felt like i was dragging seaweed
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        I have K 2.1 in my FCS boards and find they work great as a thruster and a quad when waves have push and shape . When the waves are softer the lack of base make them not my go to .
        Futures quad rear def have a hole in their line . They have some sets that are starting to have different rear templates but are way behind FCS .