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    Just bought myself a new FST 6'4" spitfire, run it twice now in 3-4 foot swell with a quad setup, using the FCS M5 fronts and M3 trailers that it came with. Still adjusting to quad which I am really enjoying having only ridden thrusters. Initial thoughts are the speed is amazing although i have found myself getting a bit tail happy on my bottom turns. Not sure if this is down to medium size fins I have in, or just needing to learn to finese the board a bit better. Just wondering what the thought on this board is, as far as conditions for when to run as a quad and when thruster, and also fin choice for bigger guys (I'm 6'4" and 92 kg). Looking at previous threads seems the Rusty r2 and Stretch quads sound popular, do these work ok as thruster setups as well? Some input would be appreciated thanks.

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    On my 601 BP RF I really like running the Takayama Halo quad set (no center). It really seems to work well. Tried the SA4 set which was ok - very similar to the Stretch set I think. Be trying some others soon.
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      quads = speed and control, thrusters = control and release. once u get the hang of quads, bottom turns and digging the rail become super easy. thrusters hold well on bottom turns and release better. I was rocking the AMT's this swell and they r by far the best setup i've eve ridden. speed and control of quads and release of thrusters. most people tend to not wanting to ride a twin/ trailer setup, but when i post my vid, u might b sold


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        They look like a pretty cool set of fins, got the retro fish thing going. Was thinking about the FCS AM quad set potentially as well as others i mentioned, but hadnt thought about going twin fin. Would like to see your vid, are you running these on a spitfire?

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      If you go with an upright quad especially with smaller rears they can have a little too much release, but a bigger, raked set can be like being on train tracks. Tonnes of drive and hold. You can get a quad working any where in between but I always find it harder to dial in a quad. Between front and back fin size, rake, distance from rail and whether the rears are flat sided or 50/50, 70/30, 80/20 foils you've got a lot of variables to figure out to get the ride you're after.


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        I'm riding R2's as a quad on my 5'10 spit. This is my first quad ever and I haven't tried any other fin setups yet. That being said, I finally got some decent surf yesterday and I had absolutely no problems with the tail sliding on bottom turns in head high waves. But I'm also 6'0" 77kg. I'd love to give some insight on the R2's as a thruster but I'm enjoying going so fast that I can't bring myself to change from a quad right now.