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6.0 Spitfire for New England Surf

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  • 6.0 Spitfire for New England Surf

    I just purchased my first Firewire which I'm stoked about. It's a 6.0 spitfire FST. I'm looking for some opinions on whether I got the right size. I'm 6ft, 180 lbs, 25 yrs old. I used to surf every day I could in high school and college. But now I work full time so only get to surf on weekends or summer days when it stays light out... So my fitness is ok but not as good as it used to be. Also, I live in New England so only surf in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The waves here are definitely weaker and mushier than most place unless we get a hurricane. Also, we surf in the winter here and I have to wear a hooded 6/5/4 wetsuits with gloves and booties..which adds at least 10-15lbs. I was going for a board I could use all year around in weaker waves up to nicd overhead hurricane swell. Figured the 6.0 would give me the right float through the winter and also help catch waves because my fitness is not like the regulars in the lineup anymore... But wondering if a 5.10 would of been a better size.. Not sure if I'd notice any major performance difference but I guess that's why I'm posting here. Thanks for the insight. FYI, I haven't used the new board yet..2 weeks of no surf since I got it, which is typicall here.

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    I'd say it was a decent size choice. Sure you could ride the 5'10 but you might not necessarily have more on it than the 6'0. If you're fitness level is down and you're in heavy rubber, a little help isn't a bad thing.


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      Yeah you arecompensating for all te rubber,besides the little extra foam helps on those chubby waves. I surf as often as I can a bit further North and she goes great, and in winter you will thank those coule of extra littres