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fn recommendations. Twinzer and thruster

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  • fn recommendations. Twinzer and thruster

    Finally decided on a 604 spitfire. Now I have to decide on fins. Going with Futures.
    Planning on setting it up as thruster and at times as a twinzer since I would like to try both. I know absolutely nothing about fins other than they are the things under your board that are really sharp and you have to watch out for. I am an intermediate or early intermediate surfer, 5'7" 150 lbs.

    Just tell me specifically what I should get and I will go do it. Easier is best here :)


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    Forget everything you know and go and buy the stretch quads. Amazing fins. If you haven't bought the board yet, lose about 6" or so off the length. It's too big for you. In fact, a 604 is too big for me and I'm 220lb.


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      The placement isn't really suited to a twinzer. Feel free to experiment but I wouldn't expect great results.


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        I would look at a 510 or 508 spit they have tons of vol for a guy of your weight. I am the same stats as you and would rid a spit in a 504 506 depending usage. You don't want a boat that you can't turn. The 508 is 20" wide with tons of stability. The strech fins are ace justo is spot on there. Buy to performance core 5 fin set and you will have quad thruster options.


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          I hear you guys and I am not disagreeing with you. I am just a bit on the older side at 52 yo and not all that great a surfer. It sucks when you start when you are older. I could do a 602 but I think a 604 will make me more comfy and really I am just too nervous about going shorter like even to a 602.
          Background is that I ride a 6'9" aipa now that has about 47 liters and I can ride my buddy's 606 dominator and handle it ok. I figure a 604 spit is already a step up.
          I am open to comments though.


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            Ahh ok I totally forgot about the age factor. I am 38 now and am often nervous when buying smaller boards. Then the wife pipes in with you never keep them long enough. But that's Firewires fault they should stop making so many cool boards. But I wouldn't go too big eater. The 604 coming off a 609 will feel smaller for sure.

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          Ok then lock and load. Once I master the 604 I can get smaller still. I figure I have another 8-10 good years left ;)