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  • Spitfire Report

    Just bought a 6'6" SF FST and took it for four days on shoulder - 2ft OH point break surf. I am 210lbs and 6'5". Findings: Paddling - super fast and easy. Still able to duck dive OK Catching waves - very effective- could catch tons of waves that my buddy even thought were out of range. Feel- a bit too floaty, felt like I could have gone 6'4" or 6'2" even at my size. Fin set-up - I was way more comfortable with the thruster set-up than quad. Felt like a different board! That is what I have always ridden though and the quad just felt too loose to me. Pivot point was WAY different on the quad. Also, on these waves went with the AM2 over the R1s which gave me a bit more control. Bottom turn - on the biggest, steepest waves the bottom turn felt sketchy. The tail is wide and thick and it lacked some stability that I have with my short board. I felt like I had be careful, just holding on through the bottom turn, so that the tail/rail would stay in the water as I was leaning into the turn, rather than laying into it with confidence. (Board actually jumped out and lost all contact with water on one of the bigger set waves.) With the surface area of the spit I was carrying a ton of acceleration and speed into that first bottom turn and throwing it on a rail was sketchy. Does anyone else experience this on the Spitfire? Any fin set-up to allow the board to handle more size? Maybe the quad with two fins and a knubster would have held it better? Does anyone actually ride the full five fin set-up? Down the line - could fly provided successful first bottom turn. Off the top- snappy and responsive. Felt many of the strengths of this board, but the potential limitation on bigger waves off the bottom. My exposure has only been 4 days so still more too learn. Let me know if you are a SF rider with advice on handling bigger, steeper surf (initial bottom turn) on this board. The easy answer is to use a different board on bigger surf, but I have to admit being super stoked on my wave count and speed and ease of paddling back up the point to the line-up.

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    My advice for handling bigger/steeper waves is to ride a board more suited to those conditions. The Spitfire is great in punchy waist-chest high or softer chest to head-high in my opinion. When it's punchy and shoulder to headhigh, let alone overhead, there's too much volume in the foil with too thick rails and tail to push hard when you're going that fast. Sure you can stack it with fins to hold in, and hold a smoother line and nurse through turns and that can be super fun, but if you want to attack the wave you definitely want to be on something more refined.


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      Thanks! This board will work well in all the smaller stuff, I am confident of that. What would be your go to board recommendation for shoulder to 1.5 times overhead?

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    Depends what sort of feel you are looking for, but for full performance surfing the shortboards like the Michel Bourez model and the ProFileV1 will have no limits in those conditions.
    If you want to try something with a different feel, the Daniel Thomson V4 will be insane in those conditions. The MPH designs are insanely fast, they carry their own speed really well eliminating the need for pumping etc. and leave you free to pick you lines and sections. They are full performance boards too.
    If you want to keep things a little more Hybrid then boards like the Mini Driver, Quadra5, Jacknife and Unibrow are all more refined than the Spitfire but still contain some of that hybrid DNA. They won't quite have that limitless performance that the other boards have, but they'll be that bit more user friendly and versatile.


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      Really appreciate the feedback Phill! I will check all of these out. Good stuff!


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    I use a 5 fin set up in my spitfire. It's the same as pictured here in my dominator. FCS R2 quads + a home made knubster like stabiliser. I experimented with different shapes and found this one best.



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      Was thinking about trying out the Shapers nubster on my SF for the bigger days. Just got some KR X4 quads which I havent christened yet but am guessing I will need something in the middle to stiffen it up on bigger days, just wondering if anyone has tried this shapers type nubster as most people seem to use FCS shape ones and I was thinking maybe something more low profile?


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        Hi KAMAKANI,

        I'm a similar weight and height and have a 6'10 Timbertek spitfire. I love the 55 liters of volume and it feels a bit like cheating in terms of catching waves!

        I initially used Futures AM2's which were fine, but had similar issue on larger days (overhead to double overhead). I know the board is not really designed for these conditions, but hey what can you do.

        I had a revelation when I tried the Futures Elevons. They literally transformed the board. The seem to create lift and extra speed, which gets that fat tail out of the way whilst still giving plenty of control. To be honest I rarely swap back in the AM2's or Futures Controllers anymore.

        Downside: They are flippin expensive!