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Spitfire for New England or Dom

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  • Spitfire for New England or Dom

    6'2" 230 intermediate+ surf northeast New England Spit fire or Dom and what size Had a sweet tater 602 sold and bought a baked tater 601 Have a few pu boards I'm selling to switch to the wire bc how stoked I was on sweet tater Appreciate the advice

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    I'd recommend a 604 or a 606 in either for you. SF more vertical and better hold in slightly more juice compared to a DM.


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      As you already have a Baked Potato, I'd look at the next step up and go Unibrow/Hellfire/Minidriver or even Jacknife. It'll give you a broader range the the BP/DM combo.


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        Uni or hellfire What size would you suggest?


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          6'6-6'8 range I guess. the bigger guys will have better size advice than me


          • justo
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            Yep, 606 to 608. I'm 220lb and would ride a 606.

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          608 would be ok for when it gets overhead also? Looking for a board to cover lots of conditions Trying to thin out quiver try to just have two to three instead of dust collectors Thank you for advice


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            Yeah BP, a 608 would be ok for OH waves. 606 would be better though. All depends on your preferences, fitness, and skill. I'm intermediate and 606 is a big board for me, but would allow ease of paddling.