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Just bought a 5'8" spitfire.

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  • Just bought a 5'8" spitfire.

    Hello all, just bought a 5'8" spitfire FST and I have a few questions:

    This is my first firewire. I'm 6'0" 175 pounds and I'm having second thoughts about the volume. I'd consider myself an average surfer. I'm looking to use it as the board I use for everything from waist high to a little overhead. I want it to be a bit more high-performance. I live in NJ. With that being said, from this point forward I will be using a wetsuit and they'll only be getting heavier, however, the waves will be getting bigger... hopefully. Should I have gone with the 5'10"? I just felt that the higher volume would be ideal strictly for smaller waves. Am I wrong?

    How do firewires usually compare to PU boards weight-wise? Mine seems just a bit heavier than my hpsb, which has the same volume. Is it customary to go a with a little higher volume with firewires?

    Lastly, why does mine not have the pressure valve as advertised on the newest model on your site? Were previous models built without this feature?

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    Hi AEcon,

    I'm the exact same height and weight as you and I ride a 5'8" SF and think its perfect. Also, I live in Rhode Island so get similar waves to you down Jersey. I think you should totally stick with the 5'8". The size is great to still get the performance aspect, while also having the volume and shape that can be used in a multitude of different waves conditions.

    I actually first bought a 6'0" myself. After using it for a few sessions it just felt like too much volume and too wide so I made the jump down to a 5'8".

    Obviously this all depends on surfing ability. However, at your current size you'll have a very progressive board. Yes, when you're wearing a winter suit, glove, and booties things get tougher..but this board should still have enough volume for you if you're in decent paddling shape.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hey AEcon,

      I am also from NJ and I bought a Spitfire Rapidfire last summer, it was the first firewire I ever purchased. I bought it as a 6'2 and I was way off. Im 5'7 155 and looking to drop it down to either a 5'8 or 5'10. It is way to long for me. May work well for you being 6'0, 175 and wetsuit season is upon us. Let me know if you have any interest in meeting up to check the board out. I think oceanmindedboy is right about the length for you. The board is in great condition. I gotten used to riding my 5'6 Vanguard and 5'7 baked potatoe so this 6'2 board just feels way to long for me now I havent used it at all in awhile. my email is c44bm@yahoo .com. Thanks!