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  • which board to get

    I am 510 and 170 lbs. Im not sure what size to get 56 or the 58. I live in San Diego and surf waves on average knee to Shoulder high. I have been surfing for about 10 years. I currently ride a 60 X18.88X2.25 squash tail but want an all-around board. I am also not sure what type to get? Either the rapid fire or the FST. Im looking more for durability(less prone to pressure dents). Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated

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    FST or TimberTek Spitfire. 506 if you want something responsive and something you can surf aggressively in punchy waves. 508 if you want something chunky and floaty to make the most of smaller, slacker waves.


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      What is the main difference between the FST and TimberTek. I have heard there has been problems with the timbertek. would you not recommed the Rapidfire?


      • Phill
        Phill commented
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        FST and TT are stronger than rf. Early TT had some problems but they've made the boards much stronger now so I'd be surprised to hear of more issues.
        The difference with FST and TT is wood vs foam. And paulownia vs balsa on the rails. I feel like the wood skin is much more lively and responsive than the foam on the FST boards. Maybe in bigger waves the dampening of FST could be an advantage, but in small waves TT feels really lively underfoot. The wood also looks stunning.
        If you prefer the white asthetic then FST is an easy decision.

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      Thanks phill i will take that into condideration.


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        Totally agree with Phill the Wood in the TT boards looks amazing I have a BP in TT and I sometimes don't know weather to surf it or hang it on the wall. I would also add the TT feels a touch lighter than the FST but I may have the first production ones that have gone hairy on some folk. But no probs with mine so far totally stoked on it.


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          The white boards will yellow over time if left in sun but the TT will simply become more golden. The TT is really responsive, will be tougher as paulownia is stronger than balsa. Repairs might be difficult and as above I do not know if board should be admired or ridden. I am still waiting for the first clown to drop in and then I'll probably be arrested. So I reckon go timber is the go. I have got TT spitfire, TT unibrow and lining up for TT moon in 7'6". Yes I had problem with early model but this has been sorted out by Firewire at the Gold Coast.


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            Rapidfire is a bit lighter than FST. This will also make it more prone to dents, however. FST is generally stronger, and TT is on par with FST (if not a bit stronger). I too am from the North County, San Diego area and my go-to board for waist to shoulder high waves is the CC. Anything smaller than waist, I take out my PN. That is just my setup, but Phill's recommendation of the SF would also be good for San Diego surf.

            - Firewire Intern Josh