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Spitfire timber trek or addvance ???

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  • Spitfire timber trek or addvance ???

    Hi guys , I'm looking at 608 timbertek spitfire or 606 advance , board is for uk and for 1- 6ft . I'm 107 kilos , 6ft 4 , 43 years old , been surfing 25 years but only get in about once a week . My last board was 610 , 45l in volume , a tiki ffs bamboo board which I loved but snapped . Want something that can catch waves easily as not super fit but something I can duck dive and is responsive . Thoughts please

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    I have the 6' 10" Addvance, not sure even a 6' 6" will duck dive, they are big.

    I'm not sure why you've narrowed it down to these 2 boards, as the Dominator sits inbetween and could be a good option?


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      these were the 2 I saw in the shop , im quite heavy so think I could duck the 6'6 , I think its 48 l so not much more than my last board . they had the 6'10 and that looked like a lot of volume , ill check out the dom


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        I had a an Addvance and replaced it with a Spitfire.

        The Addvance has a lot of volume up in the front of the board... it has a big sweet spot you can ride it forward or from the tail, I think its better for someone that is transitioning from a Longboard and wants to start shortboarding. It is very forgiving, the front nose is swept up a lot... so you can make critical drops really easy... but it's slow.

        The Spitfire has the volume in the rear of the board and a small sweet spot, so you ride it from your back foot. It's basically a refined Dominator, it has less volume around the tail...The Spitfire is really fast and I think its great when the waves are about stomach high or bigger...

        However for surf that is stomach high or smaller, I think you would be better off with a Sweet or Baked Potato.

        I have a Sweet Potato and a Spitfire... I use the Sweet Potato for smaller or weaker waves and I use the Spitfire when the waves are bigger or punchy.

        After riding the Addvance, Sweet Potato and Spitfire.... My guess is Baked Potato... if you have more smaller days than big.... Better yet a Baked Potato and a Spitfire.


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          If you want an all round board that performs in knee high to a little over head high then I'd go Spitfire or its refined and better cousin the Unibrow. Both available in timber - look great, probably stronger and surf even better. I have 6'4" Spitfire (high tide slow beachies and smaller waves) and 6'8" Unibrow for bigger longer walled beasties. I had Baked Potato and could not ride it at all. If you want Fun shape check 6'8" or 7' Submoon not on website but starting to appear in shops. Remember that at 43 all is okay, but I am 54 (90kgs) and thickness is now my friend except when faced with 8' cleanup set at my local break. If it is too easy to duckdive then you'll struggle if unfit and in a crowd; even a corky board on a wave is better than floating around catching nothing. I've gone to the top of recommended volume for my boards this time.


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            There will be a noticeable difference between the SF and the ADV. SF will be more of a challenge, and ADV will be more user-friendly. Like reserves said, it might be worth looking at the DOM as well because that is between the two boards you mentioned. Are you close to a surf shop where you can demo these boards to see which you prefer? That would be my recommendation.

            - Firewire Intern Josh