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spitfire compared to V2 rocket

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  • spitfire compared to V2 rocket

    what do you guys think which would be the easier board to paddle and to surf the spitfire fits my volume better and the V2 is in my upper and just below my lower preference however I like the look of the board, looks fun would the spitfire grovel better?

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    I've ridden both the Spitfire and the original Rocket quite a bit. The Spitfire is 1 solid notch into the "groveler" range compared to the Rocket. In softer smaller surf I'd want the Spitfire and as the waves get better I'd want the Rocket. Considering the V2 is marketed as a slightly less grovelier version of the Rocket, I think it's going to surf a bit more like a standard short board.


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      thanks Csarqui I sort of suspected that our surf is probably a bit softer than California were the rocket was designed to be an "everyday board". Our average being waste to a touch over head except at the moment were its almost one foot and mal city, struggled on my baked yesterday. l will take that as a vote for the spitfire


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        Just something to note Oneal the shape of the v2 has a big effect on how the board paddles. I ride my v2 in less vol than my old PN but do not see any big reduction in paddle power or floatation. I think that the vast majority of volums on the boards are off. The v2 is a great daily driver and will grovel but you have a baked for those days but if it's shoulder to head with a bit of push the v2 kills it.