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6'6" Spitfire with Elevons in a Quad setup

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  • 6'6" Spitfire with Elevons in a Quad setup

    Changed my quiver and got a Spitfire to compliment my beloved Sweet Potato. Read here and asked the guys at Firewire about fins. Took a leap and got the Elevons Quads..ouch...expensive. Purchased it all a month ago and finally got some head high surf to use it in. All I can say is wow! First wave good. Second wave...amazing. The balance was as good as it gets with a big sweet spot. I surf off my front foot so the balance is important. The board also turns hard with ease (and smooth) and the fins love going off the top...and so fast! Can't say enough good about the whole setup. Oh yeah I'm 6'2 and 185bs.

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    Do you have the medium or large trailer fins on that set?
    Had both and found the medium rear fins on the set fit them better


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      rode my sf in waist high wind swell yesterday, with the elevons for the first time,,, wow have tried these in the sp without much success, but yesterday in the sf it really lit up, so much speed everywhere,


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        Hi i have the Elevons as side bites on my mal. Very good for paddling and catches the smallest of swell. Takes a bit of getting used to. Very very fast fins . Cant wait for swell so i can use them on my hellfire or vanguard. My mal is the 9' 6" TJ everyday from Firewire. The fin is a 7' glass fin for the centre box fin. I found the larger fins created too much drag. Amazing.