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  • First FireWire Advice Needed....


    I recenty came across the deal of the century on a brand new 608 Spitfire RF. Before this I had never looked into FireWire because they're just toon expensive. After some research and using the volume calculator on FireWires website it turns out this board would suit me well.

    What I need is some feedback from bigger guys, I'm 6'4" and weigh about 104kgs and I surf a 6'8" x 21"1/4 x 2"5/8. Its great and I love it, I've surfed some giants on it but I find it loses a lot of power through mushy sections/ smaller waves. I'm touching on an intermediate surfing level and I'm quite fit. I'm not really into shredding waves, looking more to just get up and throw one or two carves in.

    Im in Florida at the moment and will be for a while, I left my board in SA, is the Spitfire a smart buy for smaller less powerful waves? I really want to get more waves more often, not so much the perfect bomb, which is the case with my Spider Glider.

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    If it is a deal then get it, try it and if no good sell it! It will be a lot thicker than 2 and 5/8 so will pick up beautifully but might feel corky. I ride a 6'4" spitfire and 6'8" Unibrow. Both boards handle smaller days but I really prefer the unibrow as all rounder. Spitfire in larger size would be fun in mush but they can handle bigger stuff! Remember that RF is the weaker construction method but still better than PU boards.


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      Set it as a thruster, you will need AM2 on the futures dept or some other big boy fins with large bases


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        Thanks Jambo, that's what I was looking for, because when I take it back home I would like to take on some shoulder + size waves with it. Yip, I'm pretty easy going on my boards, I've had my Spider for a year and only slight water cracks on the tail.

        Thanks for the advice Iggy, I'll look into it.