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  • Spitfire Size and size

    Trying to get Size and fin set up for this. I am 6"0" 175. Advance intermediate. Thinking about the FST as a 5"8 or 5"6. I think the 5"8. Looking to grovel to head high, surfing mostly San Diego beachbreaks and occasional soft reef breaks. Also looking for a future fin setup as a quad or 5 fin set. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm 6'0" 170-175 intermediate surfer and I have a 5'10" Spit and it feels perfect for me. I'm surfing the Northeast so I haven't surfed my Spitfire without any rubber. If I didn't wear a wetsuit 12 months out of the year here I'd probly get a 5'8". Personal preference for you really, I love the added volume when I've got a hood, boots, and gloves on and it's freezing. I picked up the Rusty 5-fin set and love the quad setup but didn't care for it as a thruster. Throw in a nubster when it's head high+ and don't slide out of bottom turns. Good luck and enjoy.


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      If you're looking to grovel with the Addvance at the low end of your range, then go with the 508 - it will be easier to catch waves for you. When it gets a little bigger, you will then also benefit from the length to get you into waves more efficiently.

      - Firewire Intern Josh