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Board quiver help for Nica (Colorados) trip

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  • Board quiver help for Nica (Colorados) trip

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Longtime Firewire fan. Love them for Surf & Kiteboarding. Great stuff...keep the great shapes a coming!

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I'm headed to Nicaragua in June for a week long surf trip and I'm trying to decide what boards to bring or if I need to pick up something new! (any excuse to buy a board haha)

    I currently have a a 5'10 Potatonator, 6'0 Spitfire and a 6'4 Quadraflex.

    I live in Huntington Beach and normally ride the Potatonator for small days and Spitfire when it get a little bigger. I hardly ever ride the Quadraflex.

    I have been thinking about bring the Spitfire and Quadraflex to Nica. We are staying right in front of Colorados so I'm sure we will be hitting that the most.

    Any local knowledge or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hey Tommy, I took a Spitfire and a Flexfire to Colorados for 8 days. I think it depends on what you surf regularly. For me, the Spitfire worked the whole time. I hated the Flexfire, but I've never loved HPSBs. The surf was head high and half, barreling at low tide, a bit fat at high tide. You really have to race that wave. The SF gets in quick and goes down the line fast.

    Also, that place is crazy crowded and having a SF gives you a little bit of an advantage. The crowds thin out considerably at high tide and the surf is still fun on the SF.

    Have a great time!


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      Great info. I truly appreciate your insight. I switched to the Spitfire from the Quadraflex so I could get in waves a bit earlier and ride a shorter board. Sounds like that could be beneficial for that break, especially at high tide. I may have to bust out my Quadra and ride it a few time to see if it's even worth bringing.

      What time of year did you go to Nica? Did you stay right there at the break or take a boat in? Can you recommend any other breaks in the area?

      Thanks again Csarqui!