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Spitfire or Dominator what size ?

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  • Spitfire or Dominator what size ?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy my first shortboard but I need some suggestions. I'm looking for a used one... I've been longboarding for a while now, but I'd like to buy my first shotboard. I tried a few times some.
    I'm about 5'9 155-160lbs and I'm 21.

    I live in Quebec, so when I surf it's either in Maine Ogunguit/Wells or if I have the chance/$$ go for a trip in Costa/Nica.

    I was hesiting between the Spitfire and the Dominator but I was more toward the Spitfire.. I found some used in the 6'0 range. Would that be to small and not enough volume or it would be good?

    I'm open to other suggestions..!

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Depending on ability/fitness you probably need 6'2" in Dominator or Spitfire. Your longboard will have heaps more volume and surface area so will have great paddle speed for catching waves. Once you start shortening your board you reduce surface area and volume. The trick is to have enough volume to maximise paddle speed but not make board corky when surfing. I think any of the performance hybrids will work in most waves - compare performance board specifications to performance hybrid and you get the same reduction in volume and surface area. Try to stick around 34 to 40 litres of volume (lower will work better in good waves - higher in gutless slop). You will probably go through a couple of boards in your quest to get off mals and join surfing in the 21st century. Sorry, but I had a really stupid mal rider at my local today - dropping in, falling off, paddling underneath other surfers when thy were taking off - just basically ruining the session and thieving oxygen from the rest of humanity!


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      i find some boards really aren't designed for high volumes. If a light short guy gets on a large shortboard to get the volume the board doesn't work right. If you want volume go for a board designed with volume in mind like a baked potato. The spitfire at 6-2 for a guy your size would just be a hinderance. I am 43 185 pounds and wear thick wetsuits. Intermediate surfer and I ride a 5-10 spitfire. a 6-0 wouldn't be too bad but I wouldn't go longer than that.


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        Wouldn't go bigger than a 6-0? I wear thick rubber and weigh 185. 35yrs old, beginner/intermediate. In good shape. I was being told by a pal to get the 6-8. But I already have a 6-10 addvance. I don't need a groveler. I need to step it up. Dom or spit. But I was looking at the 6-2