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Spitfire or Hellfire? HELP!

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  • Spitfire or Hellfire? HELP!

    Hi all

    I'm keen to give a Firewire board a go and have spent 3 days reading the heck out of these forums (having my opinion on which board I want to buy change every 10 minutes haha); think i've finally narrowed it down to either the Spitfire or Hellfire models.

    I'm after something for the average 1-4ft day at my local beachie. Currently I mostly ride a JS Blak Box 5'11" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8" which goes like a rocket, but is getting a bit battered + due to the low rocker isn't quite as responsive & sharp to turn as i'd like. Initially I was thinking the Spitfire sounded perfect, but the Hellfire also appeals due to being slightly closer again in feel to a normal shortboard.

    Was thinking of going with either the 5'10" Spitfire or 6'0" Hellfire. How have you guys experienced these boards going in average beachies? Any recommendations?

    I already have a couple of really good boards for once the surf gets over 4ft, so that's not really a consideration (other than convenience for travelling etc).

    Vital statistics: I'm 32; 6' 1" and around 75-80kg; live in North Cornwall (UK); pretty fit & surf most days it's worth it to an intermediate level.

    Any and all guidance gratefully received!


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    for 1-4' average beach breaks I'd go with the spitfire since you have other higher performance options


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      Spit won't have anymore rocker than the Blakbox though. 510 Sub Scorcher would be my pick.


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        5'8 Spitfire or 5'10 Sub scorcher. Both would work well although i'd say the Spitfire has had more thought put into it to make it work in all conditions, personal choice really.

        Go into DTL and feel them up...usually the best way to decide.


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          Yeah and the demo boards are about too, currently in perran then newquay so take a few for a spin. The 511 HellRazor is worth a spin too I reckon.


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            Cheers for the input, guys. Yeah, i'll take a trip down to DTL to see how the various models feel + see if i can successfully line up a day off with some swell to try the demos (proving difficult this "summer" haha)

            prj - I did also see the hellrazor & see you are quite active on these boards; have you ridden this model? That step nearer to a standard shortboard, but with some of the benefits of a hybrid for getting over flat spots etc definitely appeals. 5'11" does sound a bit thin, though, and 19.5" sounds quite wide for the 6'1".... decisions, decisions!


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              6'1 hellrazor would be too much board for you. I would say the way this year is panning out with small and lacking swell in for the spit


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                I haven't ridden the 511 but gave it a very thorough feeling up and was moments away from walking out the shop with it. 2.25" is thinner than anything I've surfed in years but it carries that width right to the rail an feels more like 2.31". It was very similar to the 508 Sub Scorcher in thickness. I think as an all rounder but average to great conditions it'd be a beauty.
                As Baker said though this year has been pretty dire. I've been on my Sweet Potato 95% or the time. The Spitfire is a magic one and has a good bottom end if you ride it higher volume and a good higher end if you ride it lower volume.


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                  Yeah, my initial thought was to give the Spitfire a go, but then my eye got caught by all the other models and confusion set in...... haha

                  What are your thoughts on the different construction types (i.e FST & Rapidfire)? 5'8" sounds about right for volume, but i've never ridden under a 5'10" & being fairly tall-ish 5'8" just sounds ridiculously short! How have you found late drops on these? The 5'10" sounds like a brute, though: 20.5" wide & 2.5" thick!!!

                  Guess i need to get on those demos.


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                    I started on a 510 but moved down to a 508 as I was using it often in decent waves. The 510 would be fun as a dedicated groveller.
                    Late drops are do-able but catching the nose is very do-able too.
                    If its a clean take off its not too much of an issue, but if it's wedgey or doubling up you'd probably prefer a different board.


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                      Sam lam is a big guy and rides the dom in a 5'8. I've really got used to small boards and actually prefer having a smaller board in bigger waves. The spit is good as long as the peak is pealing not throwing. Although when its small and sucky its fun to be on. I might be trying a 5'8 sub next as I thing it night have a bit more speed than the spit. I will keep the old faithfull though still just in case it doesn't work out!


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                        Took a trip today to check the boards out first hand: 5'10" felt like it had a little too much foam for my liking, but the 5'8" felt kind of scarily short! However, I figured you guys hopefully know what you are talking about haha (and I have read the entire Spitfire forum pretty much and heard the same advise over and over) and as per normal my scouting mission turned into an impulse buy and I've taken the plunge and bought an FST 5'8". Just need to hopefully score some waves this week and baptise her!

                        Cheers for your guidance, guys!


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                          You're stoked! The 5'8" is a beauty. Before long you'll be thinking that's a normal length and anything else is long!

                          What fins do you have in mind?


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                            Cheers, buddy. Gonna feel it out as a thruster since that's what i'm used to - have always got on with M3s (much to everyone's horror), PG5s & 2.1s. Think I read you were using the k3s? Been using 2.1 sides and m3 rear with the Blakbox so think i'll give that a go first. Think I also have some PC3s & 7s kicking around somewhere as well. Fins are so damn expensive, though, I tend not to experiment that much - just buy whatever looks cheap on ebay!

                            After that I guess I'll see how I like the included quad set up.... haven't previously preferred them over thrusters, though.

                            Any recommendations?


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                              I always preferred the Spitfire as a thruster with K2.1s, then K3s once I chopped it off into a squash tail because the 2.1s got too slidey.

                              I recently tried it with a K2.1 quad set plus knubster and that went really, really good.