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Lost Stealth or Hellfire or..?

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  • Lost Stealth or Hellfire or..?

    Hi! I need some help with which one to get. I ride a 5'4 SP on the small days and on slow/flat waves. Now I need a board that I can ride on faster waves and on bigger days. It'll be on beachbreaks and pointbreaks. I am intermediate and surf all year round here and away. I have tried a 5'11 El fuego, didn't like it, thought that it was way to flat in the nose and a bit big. I have a Semente 6'3 performance board with rounded pin as a step up board. I have been looking at a 5'10 Hellfire and a 6'0 Stealth. What I actually want is a board with performance rocker but wide (19-19 1/2) and a bit wider tail and nose than a normal performance board. Has anyone tried em both? If you have any other suggestions on boards please let me know. All help is appreciated. Peace!!

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    I think the Stealth has a relatively flat entry rocker with quite a bit of tail rocker. It's high performance, but low in the nose rocker. The Hellfire doesn't have a whole bunch of rocker, but a nice smooth even curve I think. Everyone that's ridden it seems to really like it especially it bigger and hollower stuff. I think that'd be the pick based on the information you've given.


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      Hey robhero i was torn between the same two boards a short while back in the same sizes too. don't think you'll go too far wrong on either of those for what you want. In the end i went for the hellfire and i can say with confidence its a super sweet board. Couldn't comment properly on the lost stealth as i haven't seen or surfed one but hellfire seems to be pretty magic so far. Its replaced my standard shortboard (previously a 600 alternator) and as prjebb says the rocker is fairly continuous but it has a nice flip in the last 3-4 inches on the nose. much more than i was expecting but then again i have been used to the dom which has little rocker. All in all its a very good allrounder that should go well in the juice at home or abroad.


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        robhero...if by "performance rocker" you mean normal curves then the HF does not have sure rides like it does...the 5'10 is the only "flatter" board i have ever enjoyed...i ride it in place of my full rockered shortboard in pretty much everything...if your really stuck on more rocker then look at something like the takes your performance surfing into lesser waves....but ... the 5'10 HF really is a winner..!!


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          Hi! Tnx for the replies! I actually got to try a friends HF 5'10 yesterday. The waves were sloppy to good in waist to head high conditions, so it was very mixed. The board was really nice when it was cleaner and bigger. The board was surprisingly loose, I rode it as a thruster and it felt really good. On the small waves it felt like it got stuck on the face, I had to work it hard to get it going. I must say that the volume(29,4) is really well hidden and so is the width. The board really is a "performance hybrid". I still haven't decided yet if its gonna be a Stealth or a HF. My initial thoughts of my quiver was SP for the small and HF for normal days and a F1 as step up but now I am thinking of selling the SP for a Dom and getting a Stealth for normal days. I guess its just time to make up my mind... Don't think I'll get disappointed on any of the boards... Peace


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            a bit late but happy newyear

            hi to all at i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again all the best for new year to every one
            - matty


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              Really two different shapes IMO. The bottom contours are very different, and the rail lines as well. The Stealth I felt works good in flat faced surf and went really well for me as a quad. The Hellfire I only got a few waves on, cant say I clicked with it, but it was good enough were I have been on the fence to get one. It was a motivated board. The Hell Razor looks closer to what I would like


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                good points folks. Robhero i do think both the HF and Stealth are good options. I think i have heard a more consistently positive feedback from the stealth, but that is just my experience. I think the stealth has a bit more rocker and a bit less volume than some people expected.



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                  So Chris, just to very belatedly explore that more, you have been getting better feedback on the Stealth? That's a big (good) call given all the positive feedback on the Hellfire.

                  I'm contemplating a board to sit above my Dom but below my Alt and these two boards (the HF and Stealth, together with the quadrafive) are the ones in contemplation, with the HF the more likely pick. Given the Dom deals with up to head high completely fine I'd imagine the HF/Stealth would be for shoulder high to 1.5x overhead; I have in mind the autumn/winter ground swells we get here for all but the very biggest days. Conditions would likely range from Bells'ish to hollow, beach and rocky point breaks. How would they work relative to each other?


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                    Tough call, the Stealth is an often not considered board and it's a fun one to ride.
                    But I will have to go for the Hellfire


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                      i think the stealth is a little more refined and is ridden a little bit longer than the Hellfire. I do think, however, that they can and should be ridden in similar conditions. I think the major difference is the stealth will feel overall like a flattened shortboard while the Hellfire has, in my opinion, a more attractive curve and distribution of foam. You get great response and versatility.

                      That's my take, but I don't surf t he Stealth much, it just isn't one of my favorites.



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                        I have the 6'0 Stealth and it feels like the best board I've ever ridden. The tail kick allows you to surf off the tail and throw it around just like any high performance short board. However, it paddles so well that you can catch waves early and beat out guys on little boards or even longboards. It's 30.5 liters on the stock 6'0 but feels like it's much smaller. I'm 5'10 and 165 lbs. Ride it as a thruster with pc-5's. I've progressed from an average intermediate game to a entry level advanced surfer in about 3 months on this boards. Took me from a solid carving game with some decent finishing hits at the end sections into blow tails on both frontside and backhand, small airs, and full round house cutbacks to vertical and a much smoother style. Board feels like a good combination of pocket surfing with some added drive. Real good tight radius turning and a slingshot like response out of turns. Its ok in knee to waist high surf but not really too much of a true groveler because of the tail kick. However if it's small point break (trestles, topanga, 3rd pt malibu) or decent beaches (Huntington or newport) it surfs well and makes you look good. But you could probably ride a traditional board just as well in that kind of surf. In head high points and a few feet above, it's insane! Lots of projection, and real loose if you stay on the tail. Great board for learning how to do airs with all the excess speed, so you eventually figure out how to launch since the board drives itself to the steep sections.

                        Mayhem says he shaped this board as a contest board for junk waves. A "secret weapon," and that's how it feels. However, since it's built to work in junk, it really moves when the points are firing and you have long steep walls to work with. Sort of lets you cheat with the extra speed and moves you up with the big boys on the rockered boards on the good days. That being said, it does feel like there would be some limitations on bigger days that creep up into the head and a half+ range where you need a bit more rocker and length for some control. I am currently searching on these forums for advice on possibly an MB for the head and a half to double overhead range. Any suggestions on models or size would be appreciated...

                        The 30.5 volume built into the stealth seems like to high a volume based on the stock dimensions for the Mb model. Thinking I need to lower the volume a bit, but without losing paddling power or foot placement and stance based on the stealth that i've grown accustomed to. Rode a 6'2 x 19 x 2 3/8 mayhem driver (poly board) in 29.4 liters (smaller than the stealths volume) in shoulder high rolling beach break in san Diego and it felt like a boat and that I was riding a coffee table. My feet had to shuffle like crazy to find the sweet spot and just had a horrible session on surf that I would normally be doing fins free turns and full roundhouse cutbacks without too much pumping. Could barely get the driver to move. Anyone tried the mayhem drivers? Made me want to look for another FireWire as the next size up from my stealth...


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                          Thread resurrection!!! Thanks for the commentary Prayasurfer, and I'll try to weigh in since I just grabbed a 6'0 FST Stealth. I had been eyeing the 5'10 Hellfire, and I demo'd it twice, both as a thruster and quad in waves that were around 6' and fairly hollow. The Hellfire is a good board, don't get me wrong, and this is definitely subjective, but the Stealth really won me over. I think that the combination of low nose rocker and more dramatic tail rocker just works better for me personally.

                          I first tried the Stealth with a Nubster in the back (closest tab to the tail) and Stretch SF4s, and it was honestly terrible for me. I use the Nubster / Controller set in my groveler (5'7 stub nose), and it is absolute magic in that setup. Anyway, in the Stealth it felt like I was dragging an anchor while snowboarding through really deep powder, if that makes any sense at all. I ditched the nubster and replaced the front Stretch's with GAM's and kept the SF4s in the back, and the board lit up - super pivoty but definitely held well through turns - very predictable and insane speed. This was in 4-5' wedgy, juicy stuff. I even grabbed a few smaller waves that came through as an experiment (probably around 3'), and I was able to generate a ton of speed.

                          The thing that sealed the deal for me was how it rode in the barrel. Got two really clean ones that day and it was just effortless - the board held a great line, and I felt really confident overall. Came out with tons of speed on one and got a really solid grab rail cutback in.

                          I still have a ton of experimenting to do with different quad setups in the Stealth, and I'll post my results. I used to have a Lost SD IV, and the Stealth just slays it, not even in the same ballpark (again, based on what I'm looking for). Oh, and I whacked the nose soooo hard on the tailgate of my car - did a 180 when a friend drove by and yelled at me, but no imperfections at all on the board. I totally thought that I cracked it . . .

                          I'd love to get more time on the Hellfire, but I've just really bonded with the Stealth, so I think I will focus my efforts on demo'ing a 5'8 Spitfire!


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                            Sounds sweet scotty, I'm looking at the same board and trying to suss out the best fin set up when I get it.

                            Out of curiosty what is your weight and height? Trying to figure out what size I should be looking at. Probab leaning towards the 5'10 myself at 150lbs


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                              Hey Ryan,

                              I'm almost 6'3 and about 158lbs, and a bit more with my full suit. Ideally, I would have grabbed the 5'10, but I got a killer deal on a slightly used Stealth, so I couldn't be picky (I really wanted a Futures setup as well, but mine came with FCS).

                              A lot of it depends on how tall you are, and the skill level of course. It's funny, since I'm really used to a 5'7 now, the 6'0 Stealth felt sooo long. Then again, I really grabbed this board to help me out when it is juicier and in the 5-8 range, so an extra few inches isn't the end of the world or anything.

                              I'm going to try a bunch of different fin combinations (mainly quad setups), and I'll try to report back over the next month or so as I try different combinations. Picking up some of those Q-1 side fins tomorrow, and will try the K 2.1 Quad with nubster as well.