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Stealth rails?

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  • Stealth rails?

    Hi guys I am considering getting a 5'9 stealth to use on the days in between my 5'10 custom Bourez @ 25litres and a groveler for small mush( not sure what that will be yet).
    How are the rails on the stealth? Does the board have a flat deck and carry thickness all the way to the rails? At 5'9, 18.3/4, 2.3/16 and 25.9 litres it seems to have more volume than I would of thought only being 2.3/16 thick?

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    I have had a 5'9 stealth for ~2 years and ride a 511 JS Monsta the same volume as thin 510 Bourez.
    I wouldn't go the 5'10 stealth, I thought 510 might have better low end but it was just floaty without any real benefit.
    That said the 5'9 really needs at least waist high with a bit of push to get going. Best at the head high mark, up to head and a half if fat/slow. So quite a bit of overlap with the Bourez. It's no Dom.
    It has a wide tail. Rails are pretty foiled I think, as per the 2 3/16.
    Nose is meant to be pulled in but still quite full. The feeling is almost parallel between the feet or reverse tear drop?
    I think it's a pretty good board, ride mine mostly quad as using in smaller days and want speed.
    Can have another look at home if you want.


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      Thanks heaps for the reply Suberimakuri. I'm trying to get as much info as possible on the board as I have to special order one without seeing it. I'm looking at getting a custom 5'6 Dom for the waist high mushy days, with possibly a 5'9 stealth for the shoulder to head range days or bigger when its a bit fat or not great.
      Can you please list your height weight etc? I currently have a 5'7 Chedda for those in between days, the volume is pretty good at 25.5 but it can feel a bit short as I am 5'11.


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        170cm tall and 68kg. Shorter than you! For some reason all my posts only past half?!?!? frustrating.
        Anyway, I'm going in to the surf shop tomorrow and think they have some chubby chedda's so will have a look see.
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