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    Why do you like the K3 PC


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      I find with the extra rake in the K3 you get plenty of drive and hold on a stubby board like the Spit, but because of the short length and wide tail it's still nice and loose.
      It's worth trying any fins you can get your hands on though as everyone seems to like different fins in the Spitfire and Dominator.


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        hey topsail,
        yeah one other note, that 602 was likely way undersized for you. At 186 I think you wouldn't really want to drop below 28-29 liters and in a hybrid you might want to focus between the 31-35 liters.

        I am going to agree with PRJ that at your ability, you should probably target the 600. I think the 602 might start to feel a bit too floaty.

        my fin choice also depends on conditions. In those boards I love quads, and think the k2.1s and SF4s are two really fun sets for someone looking for looseness and a shorter turning radius. Those are my go to.
        Then yeah the K3s are good as a thruster as are the normal FCS 5-size. So The PC5s or PG5s....

        Those are my normal go to fins and I think they would suit your weight and that board well. keep in mind though fins are a major subject of PERSONAL performance so do your research!!



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          hey guys,
          Thanks for the info. My three other boards all have glassed in fins. So many fin options I d
          didn't know where to begin. Much THANKS for your help.

          Chris, your 100% right. 602 board was a custom when I weighted 150. I have put on about 30lbs of muscle in last 2 yrs. Free weights and protein really work. Can't wait to get my new firewire and put newfound strenth to work, thanks again.
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