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  • 6'8" volume

    The 6'8" volume seems low, here's the stats

    6'8" x 21" x 2 5/8" - 37.4L

    It must have a really thin nose and tail? My Baked at 5'3"x 21 1/4"x 2 3/8" - 32.4L.

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    Yes they do - 7'0 has 42.4 litres which sits at same volume as my other boards. It is a fun/egg board so not your conventional mal. Yes nose and tail are quite thin and the tail is the interesting part. Quite substantial rocker which loosens it up a great deal. It is surface area to volume that influences paddle speed so mine is fine whereas I couldn't catch a cold on a BP 5'9" that I sold to get Submoon. Basically more modern short board profile/rocker extended to accommodate Malibu outline hence thin. Rides small waves really well - very loose but you can step forward and it trims more traditionally. I have had some great days on tiny waves but sometimes wonder about the skate board feel of BP as a better option.........


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      thanks Jambo!


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        Hi Jambo

        What about for bigger waves, does that rocker start to work well? I'm a bit worried the extra rocker cancels out the benefit of the extra volume.


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          I do not ride mine above 3 foot as I prefer Unibrow. The only problem is that if pressure is placed on tail during pushing up then board can lift off wave. This is more a problem in smaller conditions. Rocker is not conventional Malibu so the board paddles more like shortboard. You won't be out back with the 10' paddle in with two strokes club. But it does surf very well off the tail - more like a larger fish. I am currently riding it as thruster but I think it is better as quad. The Submoon is not a mal and it doesn't paddle like one - but I think mals are great for catching waves but useless after that.


          • Peterleo
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            Goes really good at point breaks at low tide . It lost speed as when at front of board the fins popped out. Trying AMT s twins at front and some rear quads. That tail really holds in

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          Thanks Jambo