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  • Submoon size advice

    Hi guys!
    I’m 5’5”, 125-130 lbs, 42 years old, fitted, have been surfing for 3 years, 150 days/year, beginner to intermediate, surfing in NY/NJ (beach breaks).
    I’m riding a 5’10” Unibrow for waist + and a 5’8” Dominator for anything below and absolutely love them.

    I have no problem catching small waves with Dom, but there are many days where I surf that shortboards are not the best choice.
    In that case, I use 7’ soft-top (foamie) just to be out there and have fun and now I’m thinking getting a Submoon to replace it.
    The foamie is a great wave catcher and helps me to improve my rail-to rail turns because it's much harder to do so than my shortboards, but I want to get rid of it, just because IT’S FOAMIE…

    With Submoon, I want to increase my wave count (beat against the longboarders), improve rail-to rail turns, try some nose ride, or simply want to have fun on the day you might give up and go home.
    I want to keep the board’s length less that 8’, so it will fit in my car.
    With that, I think 7’6” Submoon will work for me.

    Do you guys think 7’6” would be too much volume?

    Thank you.

    5’10” Unibrow 30.2L
    5’8” Dominator 31L

    6’8” Submoon 37.4L
    7’ Submoon 42.4L
    7’6” Submoon 50.7L

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    I ride 6'8" Unibrow, 6'4" Spitfire and 7' Submoon at 55 years and 90kgs depending on waves and whim. I use it on small days or high tide but it is really a fun board rather than a mal. I like to surf it like short board and think for traditional mal feel you would go TJ models. I like mine as a stretched fish with a mal nose for catching small fat waves. They really are fun boards or tricked up egg shapes not malibus. A 7'6" will paddle and surf like an aircraft carrier compared to your other boards. But if you want to catch them with the 9 foot club then the more volume the better until you have to deal with whitewater.


    • Peterleo
      Peterleo commented
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      It is what it is . It's a mal for small hollow waves and the nose doesn't get caught in the water and the tail holds in amazingly. I ride mine with Futures Elevons or super sucky low tides with rob Machados Blackstix.
      Last edited by Peterleo; 09-22-2014, 05:43 PM.

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    Thanks Jambo.
    I'll look into TJ as well.


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      I bought a 6'8. It was one of the most beautiful boards that I've ever laid eyes on. Both in tech and the because of it's lines. However, the board was too big to throw around like a hybrid fish; and too small to generate speed all by itself (like a longboard). It depends what you're looking for but I would look at the 7'6 - 8'0 range if I were to do it again.


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        I agree that Submoon is a good looking board but it has limits, a Potatonator in timber (now available) would make a much more useable small wave board and something longer for that Malibu feel. However, I still ride my Submoon in small waves and love it.


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          Thanks guys.
          I decided i'm gonna get the 7'6.


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            Great choice it will give you that "mal" feel but still allow tight turns etc.