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Anyone in NZ want to do a 5'4"- 5'6" sweet potato swap?

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  • Anyone in NZ want to do a 5'4"- 5'6" sweet potato swap?

    Hi - Have been following the forums for a bit since discovering FW boards about 6 months ago. Boards are unreal, surf well, REALLY well (I have an SP5'6" and a Spitifire 5'10 - I weigh about 85kg, 5'10 tall, 40yrs.. Been surfing 20 yrs..

    Anyway I am looking to swap my 5'6" Sweet potato for a 5'4"? - I have the distinct feeling that there is just too much volume in the rails and width in the tail of my 5'6" for my weight - It takes off on a whale fart and goes FAST down the line but I still have trouble burying a rail to carve properly even when waves are just about waist high and slightly pushier - I am hoping a 5'4" will work better?

    Any feedback on the above or should I actually be looking for another board - a baked potato possible but I would like something durable like the 2 FST builds I have..

    Many thanks and like I said if someone is NZ based and wants to move up from a 5'4 to a 5'6" for more grovel and small wave zap then I am keen to swap. (my board is currently just grubby with wax but it pretty mint condition otherwise..