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Sweet Potato any good for bali waves in January!?!?

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  • Sweet Potato any good for bali waves in January!?!?

    Hey Just seeing if anyone has surfed sweet potato in bali surf? what they thought of the board in hollow waves and what ever else you can let me know?
    cheers guys!

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    Would be fun around kuta when it's smaller and prob some of the other spots but certainly wouldn't be my board of choice for any of the 'main' spots when there's some swell.


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      @Paulm, the sweet potato is definitely not for hollow waves. Check out the Unibrow or Hellfire.



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        I agree with the otherwise not to pick it as your only board in Bali. Although, i 'd really like to surf Medewi on a sp, i brought a short fat fish and had plenty of fun on the fat long rather slow lefts in medewi.
        Having a good time on my sp this week in fairly hollow 3 foot waves in France. But fat waves are deffo the sp's favorite.


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          Paulm definitely not recommendable for hollow waves


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            My last Indo trip I took a spitfire and over the course of 10 days it only got wet twice. Even the small waves around there have juice and shape. I took 3 boards last trip, the spit as small wave groveller, Hellfire as an allrounder and a 6'8 step up. Next trip I think I'll just take 2, an allrounder and a step up. Probably both HRs.

            IF the SP is all you've got then if you stay at somewhere like The Chillhouse they'll put you onto waves that would be OK for your SP.


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              Hey thanks for all the responses much appreciated.

              I recently bought 5'4'' SP and can't get off the thing! Ive stopped taking any other board but I have only surfed it in 2-4 foot banks. I havnt been able to fault it. I have a few other boards I know would be fine for bali although just so impressed with this SP I thought Id get some opinions.

              @Slowman I actually am staying at the Chillhouse although Im hoping to get to surf some hollow points whilst I'm there so looks like ill take the advice and leave the SP at home.

              Cheers again peeps


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                yeah slowman hit the nail on the head. the waves there are good. water is warm. ride your better wave boards.