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Bigger size for beginner?

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  • Bigger size for beginner?

    I'm 180lbs, 39, not a great surfer (though advanced transition skateboarder > 20 years).

    I can get up and go down the line on my 6' 10" Addvance.

    The Sweet Potato is clearly a too advanced board for me but I love a challenge, would their be any point in getting a big version (5' 8" or so)? I feel if I can actually catch waves I'll be fine as once up it feels like skateboarding to me.

    I know everyone says don't oversize it, but what about beginners moving to intermediates? Obviously my problem is going to be actually catching the wave first, hence my question...



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    Depends on the type of waves you're surfing. Clean lined up but slopey waves and it's a breeze getting in on the Potato, if it's choppy and steep and sucky it can be a challenge to keep the tail in the wave and the nose out of the trough if you can't get into it early.
    I think if you're surfing smooth easy waves something like the 5'6 or 5'8 Sweet Potato could be a lot of fun, if you're local waves are a bit more tricky it could be very frustrating trying to progress on a board like that.


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      I'm185lbs give or take and my my first potato was a 5'6" which I traded mot long after because found it too buoyant. The 5'8" will give you lots of paddle help but it will feel like a boat. If you want it just to grovel on the small stuff not asking for performance is ok, otherwise I would go smaller. You always have the option on the baked potato or even better, the Dominator


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        Thanks guys, I've been offered a 5' 8" at a good price, trying to justify it for myself but struggling to! Appreciate your opinions, our (UK) waves are pretty messy so doesn't sound like the best fit.


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          @reserves, don't go too big. if the 5'8 is super cheap get it! however i do recommend a 5'6 if you are straight beginner.



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            Still pondering this, not sure it will feel like my addvance as that has 57 litres and the 5' 8" has 43.

            I don't have a lot to go on really!


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              Like Phill and Hawai_Boi are saying, you don't want to go too big with the Sweet Potato. You get a lot more volume in the center of the board than you think, so despite it being shorter than you are used to, do not let that throw you off. You will still be able to catch plenty of waves and get that skatey feel.

              - Firewire Intern Josh