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looking at a sweet potato for crappy east coast surf

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  • looking at a sweet potato for crappy east coast surf

    I'm an intermediate surfer and have a 6'8 channel island flyer as my standard board. However, i need aboard for smaller crappy days and don't really want a long board, I want something more performance oriented. I'm 6'1 185lbs. A local surf shop said a 5'10 sweet potato would be great. Any thoughts on this or if there are any other board recommendations

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    The sweet potato would be a good option. Personally, I like the Baked Potato a little more because the nose is drawn in a bit and the rail volume is reduced. This allows you to execute faster rail to rail transitions while still maintaining that excellent small wave performance that you get from the Sweet Potato. A step slightly above the BP would be the Potatonator, which is a a gene-splicing of the Dominator and the potato boards. You can surf this board in mushy waves, as well as small waves with good form. You are definitely on the right track for east coast smaller days with any of these three "potato" boards.

    - Firewire Intern Josh


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      Agreed with Josh there, the baked is a little more refned keeping all the goodnesses from the sweet. Also you could go a little longer than the sweet which in your case, for the East Coast is gonna help


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        5' 10" sounds pretty big doesn't it?
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          yea way too big. i think that surf shop is just trying to get rid of the boards that dont sell haha. Chris is 6'0 175 lbs advanced level and rides a 5'2 sweet. dobler can definitely ride a 5'4 or 5'6 at intermediate level.

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        With stepping down from a 608 shortboard, I think you'll be fine on a 510 or 508 SP


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          dobler you are an intermediate surfer, 6'1 and 185lbs? I say go with a 5'4 sweet (5'5 baked) or 5'6 (5'7 baked) sweet max. I came down from 9'0 longboard to a 5'4 sweet with very little issue on the transistion; it took me a full session to get used to it and im a beginner/Intermediate level :)

          Side note: i found the sweet potato "performs better" in crappy surf...probably due to the tail being round versus the diamond tail on the Baked. However, when the waves got better the Baked shined...haha!


          5'8" / 175 lbs / Beginner-Intermediate Level


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            5'7 baked for the East Coast will be the winner,you'll be booking lots of hours on it since the waves there will mostly be perfect for it. I do the occasional trip to Ogunquit and in my car it always come along ther pnator/vanguard and the SUP... that gets me covered


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              If you're a 185 and going to surf on the east coast on a small sloppy day I think the 5'10" sweet potato will be perfect, especially if its an east coast windswell.... I have a 6"0' Sweet Potato and I'm 175 lbs, it works really well at Rodanthe Pier, Nags Head, Frisco Pier or Wrightsville Beach especially when we have a sloppy wind swell with light onshore winds....

              Only issue with the Sweet Potato is when the waves get steep, it doesn't work so well at Pea Island or S-Turns or when we get a solid ground swell, if the wave is chest high or bigger... It's easy to catch the nose on the Sweet Potato especially on a steep drop.... the board is so short and fat and it doesn't have any rocker in it...

              And keep in mind when someone tells you to a board with less volume, they probably surf the West Coast, Hawaii or Australia where they get a lot of ground swells... The waves are so much weaker out here on the east coast... you usually need the extra volume...

              I can't speak to the Baked or Potatonator... I think part of the appeal of the Sweet Potato is its odd look. Its looks like it won't work.. but it works very well especially in slop.
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