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Sizing question for 5'8 Dom owner

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  • Sizing question for 5'8 Dom owner

    Hey all, Just ordered a 5'8 Dominator. This is my first shortboard (stepped down from Addvance 6'6) and I absolutely love it! I'm not an expert on it and not shredding yet but over time ill get some good sessions in. So I have also now been looking at purchasing a sweet potato (and/or) a baked potato. Can you guys please help with size recommendations? 18 years old, 5'9, 165-170lbs, novice-intermediate,pretty fit. Thanks !

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    5'9 160-165 on a 5-3 baked potato, board is insane fun... It's fairly big for me but I really like it, if you like you 5'8 Dom I'd say 5'3 is def your size, don't be afraid of it being short, it will feel just like your Dom size wise but just be more skatey and better in the real small stuff. I'm loving the timertek


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      I had the 5'2 sp, although I really liked it I like the BP better, can't feel any drawbacks just feels more high performance, win win


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        Thanks for afvice matt! And how did your 5'2 sweet potato float you and how well did you catch waves on it? Seems like the volume is pretty low for catching those mushy 2ft waves


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          I agree I like the BP more than the SP. A little more drawn in tail and nose makes everything feel a little more controlled when you're up and riding. A lot of the volume is disguised in the center of these boards, keeping the rails relatively thin, so you will have no problem catching waves on the BP or SP.

          - Firewire Intern Josh