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sizing for beginner or not so confident surfer

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  • sizing for beginner or not so confident surfer

    I'm an almost 50 year old 200 pounder, not really a beginner but not very good at surfing either. I mostly ride a big fat 7'0 fun board and was looking for something a little more challenging. I settled on a 6-0 sweet potato despite all of the advice to go smaller. It seemed like most of the advice was from experienced short boarders, which i certainly am not. I couldn't be happier with my choice, it paddles well, gets up on mushy 2' doheny waves and once up and going makes me feel like a pro being so maneuverable on a wave. So if you're a long boarder or someone with not so much experience, don't hesitate to size up a bit from most of the advice. I'm happy I did.

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    Glad it worked and you are getting her worked


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      heppy for a beginner i would size up not more than two sizes up from the recommended only because you'll eventually want to do more with it.

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        I fall into the not so confident definitely not intermediate category. 55yrs, 180lbs ish. When I go to my local beach and watch all the shortboarders, they to me are mostly intermediate. I'm nowhere near that. I recently bought an advance 7'6 2nd hand because it was a good price, now I'm selling to get a smaller one. The waves I mostly surf are 2-3ft fat and relatively slow. However I would love to try a SW before I'm too old. I'm thinking a 6'2 min. What do you think?
        Thanks, Anthony


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          I don't think i've ever seen a 6' 2" or heard of anyone riding one. There's a few shops who do demos, might be worth checking out.