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    I have been thinking about a SP for months and I have came across a fairly good deal on a 6'2 for $375..
    I'm 6'0 and 180 low level intermediate surfer on a longboard (9'0 ITP).
    I surf in Va. Beach and mostly wind swell junk 1-4ft.
    I know it's oversized but was thinking it would be a decent board to transition down with.

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    Hi - I am the same height and weight as you and 50 yrs old - I bought a 6'0 SP a year ago after riding mostly 9' + longboards for years and I am addicted to it - basically don't ride anything else- In saying that it i have just bought a 6'6 Addvance because the SP do have their limitations - but talk about fast and fun , perfect for junky waves but a bit sketchy when the waves get sucky.
    With the 6'2 and all that volume don't expect too many successful duck dives but its not about the duck diving its about the wave riding - buy the board and get out there.
    The SP reinvigorated my surfing.


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      Anyways on small surf I don't think there will be much duck diving ;) It will be definitely hard to turn that big tail but stable and fun for sure


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        Everyone loves a sweet potato, and with a good deal like that it's worth a shot. Worst case you sell it and buy something like an Addvance to help with the transition.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          Can someone help a brother from the frozen North, Canada Eh. I'm 46 yr old longboarder, 6'2" and 200 lbs. I get out to surf 2-3 wks a year but want to start short boarding. Surfed for 10 yrs but still suck, scramble to my feet but after 2 weeks of surfing can start popping up just when it's time to head home from vacation. I like 2-4 ft waves. Based on this was going to get the SP FST since I think it would be easier to pop up on and the FTS would be more resistant to rock, coral, airport bag handler dings than RF or Timber Tek (would go to BP if Timbert). Is FST most ding resistant firewire material? Planning to order one SP from the factory through my local surf shop and wanted to know what size to get. They have a 6'4" but after reading all the post here I think it might be too big. They also have a 6'0". Any help would be appreciated. Peter


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            6' 4" sounds WAY too big for sure