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  • Sweet v Baked

    Rode a 5'4" sweet recently and thought it fun. Havent ridden a Baked but thinking about buying a 5'5" or 5'3". Was able to catch ripples on the Sweet but worried that the Baked wont let me catch the really small waves. Thoughts or should i just stick with the Sweet?

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    Baked will give you a bit more "fun factor" but the sweet will allowto catch weakless waves, now how weak of a wave you want to catch?. What are your dims?


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      Im 175cm and 75kg.
      What I'm after is a board that will go in knee high and up. I like the idea of being able to work the board a bit more, but I mainly want it for grovelling. I have other boards for when its 2 foot or more.


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        Baked!!. A friend of mine passed me her 5'3" and had a blast on it while she tried my vanguard.go for the 5'3" to be able to clinch onto those knee high waves


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          Thanks Iggy


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            The SP and the BP are so similar. Personally I prefer the BP just because of the more "refined" nose and tail. I put refined in quotes because when you take these boards out on a small day, a guy on a SP is not going to be out-surfing a guy on a BP. If anything, the BP will be more fun than the SP in surf that is slightly larger than small and gutless. Overall, the boards are very comparable and you can't go wrong with either choice for those small days. Definitely a board I bring on every surf check!

            - Firewire Intern Josh