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Sweet Potato 5'8 for 214 Lbs Guy

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  • Sweet Potato 5'8 for 214 Lbs Guy

    Hi Guys, I am 40 yo intermediate/advanced surfer, (rollers, floaters, cutbacks), but not ripping yet, and 5'11 for 214 Lbs or 97 kgs.
    There is a SP 5'8 FCS at 380 dollars to sell at my local surf shop

    Waves at my local beachbreak Grande Plage Biarritz and in my area in South West France ( Biarritz, Anglet, Capbreton, Seignosse, Hossegor) are 1-5 feet, poor quality and onshore most of the time.

    I have a gravy al merrick 6'3 37. 5 L PU which I can paddle, but want more buoyancy and manoeuvrability, and crap waves catching capacity.

    Volume calculator says I should ride 40 to 44 liters.

    So volume wise at 43 liters the SP 5'8 seems fine to me. Am I wrong or right?

    Than will it hold itself at 4-5 feet?

    Or should I consider this board only as a 1-3 feet bad waves option?

    Any thoughts? fins recommendations?voulume recommendations?Should I go for it?Or save for a 5'9 BP ?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Go for it. The 5'8" was more than enough for me at 95kg


    • thierry
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      Hi Goanna and thanks for taking time to reply.
      More than enough as in too much board, hard to control?
      It desnt work above waist high, right?


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    When I say it was “more than enough” I meant yes, a little over volumed but only at certain times. The good times that had me giggling like a excited madman by far outweighed the times I wished I had gone smaller. I only really rode it in the worst of conditions though – meaning too small and sloppy for a short board – and had a blast every time!
    I did ride it out at a 4ft point break once and that was a bit scary – not for me but the crowd paddling out. The looks of terror as I came flying down the line (almost) out of control was hilarious.
    Mate at that price I would grab it for sure – you’ll love it


    • thierry
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      Thanks for the answer : just one more question : is it hard to paddle? quite a lot of currents and rips at my local and I hurted my elbow so paddling is not as good as it should ...never paddled on a 5' shortest board is a 6'0 ...

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    It will paddle fine. It will feel a little weird due to the shape and shortness so embrace the difference and go have some fun!


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      thanks goanna ;)