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Fin setup for the smallest of windswells

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  • Fin setup for the smallest of windswells


    I will have my 5'2 SP arrive in a few days. I am an advanced/fit 70kg(150lbs+-) 5'9 the lanky type of guy. Hopefully it will go as my go-to board for the Balticsea. The conditions here, on a normal basis, are pretty shitty . An average session would be a 5er period knee high maybe waist high waves, super weak, cresty, constantly reforming, lots of onshore wind, really messed up. Don't ask me why I surf these conditions, Its all I have regularly.
    It is manly getting up, weaving to stay in motion and if the wave shapes up, hit it or cutback etc. I had good experience (speed) with the MR. TFX on a retro 5'4 twin in the Northsea years ago but the disadvantage of the twin was controlling the board in turns.

    Manly it is bigger SP's fin talk here and not specific for !!!super, weak, tiny, soft, messed up waves!!!. So I am looking for the optimal quad fin setup for these conditions or at least pointing me in the right direction. I am wondering if MR.TFX might be the way to go, after all they should be super fast adding some stabilisers GX or something in the rear to give a little more control? Am I right in saying that Stretch Quads are quite the opposite of the mentioned setup?

    It is more about being able to get up and staying with the crest and then punctuate a turn rather then getting down the line fast as there is no line, mostly waiting for the reform. The fins should pick up speed in a twitch though. I can't see myself doing hard rail turns in these conditions more like whipping and sliding the tail around, foam climbs and such but who knows maybe the SP will be ahead of what I have been riding in the Baltic wobble so far.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I have only surfed a quad a season 6 years ago and a lot of development has happened since then on quads and I am totally out of it.

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    Just wanted to give an update on my question as I have been fiddleing with my fin setup the last sessions in the baltic.

    Tried MRT FX with G2 (I think they are longboad sitebites) and it felt a bit loose and to snappy not gripping enough when trying to drive off of the fins specially on the weak cresty waves here. Then I put the standart Strech setup in and it felt like not enough fin but overall more controlled.
    Finally I left the Strech rears in and put the MRT FX in the front and the board is pretty much were I want to put it in the wave. Quite good acceleration and really nice hold on longer turns while carrying the speed all the way. Still exellent for top turns.