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    Well :-) :-) after 3 very long months of waiting i finally got my sweet potato, it's a 5'2.. All i can say is WOW!!! When i first got it i just looked at the tail and thought: "How am i ever gonna turn this massive thing?!" And the tail IS really massive!.. Had an evening session in 1-2 foot windslop, a day where i would for sure just look at from the beach and say "naah, not today". first wave i paddled into was a really week one, it paddled really easy, but as soon as i stood up i just flew down the line with speed i would normally have on a wave 3 times bigger. best wave i had was on a 3 foot set and again, i just went crazy fast down the line, and then i remembered all iv'e read about placing your back foot right on the tail, did that, and WOAH!! the little thing just blew me away with so much speed! And all the doubts i had about being able to turn that massive tail were gone.. This is so true, once you put your foot on tail it just becomes so easy to turn and produce insane speed.
    Regarding the size, at first i was going towards the 5'0, because i never like a board that is even a little bit bigger than what i need, then i decided to go 5'2 and could not be happier.. I think that little extra volume is a huge plus on those gutless days like a had earlier, it's just that massive spine on the bottom that makes it so maneuverable.. Again, I'm 5'7 - 170 Lbs - 27 y/o that's surfs for 15 years.. 5'2 - just perfect!


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      @RockyHill have you ridden a "Bully Board" before? it's those oversized bodyboards for the big fellas. That's how the 5'10 SP will feel with the weight you plan to put on it. The 502 should be perfect since you have been only surfing for a year.