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Sizing & Fin help - please!

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  • Sizing & Fin help - please!

    Hey all - I've spent the past couple days lurking my way through the forums, looking at suggested sizing, etc. I *think* I have an idea of what would work best, but I'd still like to hear some direct feedback from the crew at FW or anyone else with experience/opinions.

    My stats: 5'6" 150-155lbs and 36 yrs old.

    I guess my skill is beginner/intermediate. I've surfed in Panama, Costa, Puerto Rico, etc. no larger than 6 feet, but most of the time I'm just surfing mushy mid-atlantic waves in the summertime when they are 2-3ft. I have a kid now so my wintertime surf travels are done for a while. I want to make the best of whatever summer waves I can get, regardless of their mush factor. My ability to get out and demo boards is non-existent, so I'm going to be making this purchase on blind-faith - given the great things I've heard about these boards.

    So... any advice on a sizing? And whether a SP or BP would be more enjoyable?

    Also, I'd love some fin advice if you're willing to offer it.

    Last but not least, I've read the tech descriptions on the bamboo vs. FST. I still feel like I'm missing the point on the difference. Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I'd say 5'0/5'2 SP in FST w/Controllers


    • Peterleo
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      Great stuff .. I got a .6,2 to replace my mal. Loads of float and amazing rid ability . I surf it with Elevon fins . Lots of speed on walls and heaps looser than the controllers. I love it . I'm 48 and getting aerials on it it goes that fast. These fins Elevons go ballistic .

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    Differences between the Rapidfire and the FST.

    FST - extremely durable. Tough deck and bottom skin, parabolic rails (balsa wood rails) give a nice flex, slightly heavier than RF boards.

    RF - Beautiful looking deck, gets great foot wells, feels very lively under foot. Bottom skin is much like a normal PU surfboard, dings and creases like a regular surfboard, but internal carbon rods ensure it never loses its liveliness.

    I have had both. I prefer the feel of the RF boards while surfing, but I don't have a bottomless pit of money to keep repairing dings and creases in my boards. Now I only buy FST or Timbertech


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      I think RF is finished LFT is taking over.


      • justo
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        yeah, I think you're right Phill. But there are still heaps of RF boards on the racks. I'll be interested to see what the general feel is on the LFT tech. It would be great to have the RF lightness and feel, but the strength of the FST.... we can only dream right..

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      Really appreciate the help and the FST/RF explanation. Do these board really ride that much shorter? Given that I'm 5'6" should I really go for a 5'2 board... ?


      • Nelson GoldCoast
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        Motley i demoed a 503 BP which i believe is around the same volume as the 502SP and i think if i was gonna buy i would go 501BP about the same as the 500SP... Im 5'8 and 150lbs ish. Great little board for 0-3ft. If youre dead set on the SP and want a bit more float in mush go the 502 if you want to get a bit more out of it in 2-3ft got the 500.

      • Phill
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        Yeah no worries catching waves etc unless it was that bad that there was no point surfing anyway..

      • Motley
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        "GoldCoast" thanks for the info. I'm looking toward the BP's more now after reading more across the forums and your advice REALLY helps since there's no chance I'll have to demo one.

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      I have controllers and rasta quads for my 5'6" SP and love them both... controllers are more drive and rastas are more twitchy... I would say the 5'6" is a bit too much volume for me at 180lbs/5'11" I should have gone with the 5'4" but I can catch any wave I want and duck dive ok, just a little corky.


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        I'm 5' 5" 155 and I ride a 5'"4 with futures dave rasta quads...going smaller with this board isnt bad since it is super floaty...i find that sizing is better if you have a good idea on what volume you are comfortable with. thinking in retrospect I think i could have gotten an even shorter SP but given my level then i needed more i surf a lot of mush


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          my final fin setup for my 5'0 is rastas in the front and 4.00 techflex flat rears
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            Has anyone tried the new FCS Compressor Quad Set in Performance Glass? Not on the Australian FCS site? "Unique template designed for short wide-tail hybrid boards like the Quad Fish & Mini Simmons." "FRONT: Base: 4.40" / 112mm Depth: 4.94" / 125mm Area: 17.98"▓ / 11600mm▓ Sweep: 31.5║ Foil: Flat REAR: Base: 3.44" / 87mm Depth: 4.56" / 116mm Area: 13.18"▓ / 8500mm▓ Sweep: 27║ Foil: Flat" Curtesy of the American FCS site.
            FCS is the leader in removable surfboard fins. Shop online; FREE returns, FREE shipping USA-wide on fin orders over $50!


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     final setup..haha rasta fronts..4.0 techflex flat rears and the middle finger 1..the tmf-1 gives me the drive that you lack when you ride a also gives you the stability making it feel more like a thruster..i just need to try it out on some barreling waves now


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                nalu, why don't you just ride a thruster??????