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Which fins for Sweet Potato?

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  • Which fins for Sweet Potato?

    Hi everyone!

    I have a FW, sweet potato 5'6''. It is a fantastic board for small days, it allows me to easily grab lots of waves, while it's also easy to manouver.

    I have been riding it with a S1/S2 quad fin setup.

    But right now, I have an existential doubt: I need to replace the fins, since they're too flexible and seem to loose precision in faster waves.

    I'm not quite sure which I should choose. I'm surfing max 1-1.5 meter waves and my level is intermediate.

    What kind of fins would you advise for this board, that is, which size, brand, etc.

    Also, it seems I should position the larger fins at the front and the smaller at the rear. What's the reason for this?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Larger fins give you better control but sacrifice maneuverability. Smaller fins gives you better turns but sacrifice control. You want to use large fins in the SP for two reasons. First, the tail is thick and wide therefore you get plenty of lift and you need to make sure your fins are still cutting through the water so you don't lose control or get a super loose feeling. Second reason, the SP is meant for small surf so it's not intended for aggressive turns. And this is why you want to use large fins in the front and smaller ones in the back, to get the best of both worlds. But it's not that easy. You have to find the balance between a good set of large and small fins. Going too big or too small can actually make it worse. I hope this helps answer your questions. I don't know if your board uses futures or fcs so I can't give an exact answer but if you can demo fins that would be your best option.
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      I like my normal larger thruster fronts with small flat sided rears. If running 80/20 or 50/50 rears I'd go with mediums. I tried all the weird and wacky controllers, H2 etc and found DL fronts and DS rears to be far and away the best combo. Plenty of drive, hold through proper turns and cut backs, easy release when you unweighted the tail and most importantly, and consistent and familiar feeling under foot until the controllers etc.


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        Thanks both for your help.
        I guess I'll try with L at the front and M or S at the rear to see how it goes.
        I'm using S at the rear and M at the front, in attachment you may see a picture.


        • Peterleo
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          I use shapers DVS full glass fins

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        The most fun I've had on this board were any set of quads. But my favourites are Dave Rastovich quads set and shapers DVS butterfly full glass quads. The DVS set are amazing in powerful swell at point breaks.


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          huge fan of the stretch fins!


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            haven't tried the stretch fins since they are 50/50..i prefer flat rears since the tail is so wide and the fins are closer to the rail..flat rears=more drive and quick snaps making the sweet potato surf just like a regular shortboard


            • Phill
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              Yeah i preferred flat sided rears too

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            Hi. My sweet is 5,2 with fcs2. Normally I use asher pacey fins ML (shaper fins)with adaptor but I do not like it at all (amazing in my minidriver tri or quad). I have also used copy controllers hate it I prefer regular fins as said Phil i prefer familiar feeling. Thinking performer o acelerator in M o L in front maybe carver. And reactor(flat foil), performer o acelerator in S o M for rears.Any suggestions? where I live is impossible to try before to buy. Thanks And the store lets me buy them separately