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  • SP as a Rehab board

    I am coming off an ankle injury that has kept me out of the water for the past 11 weeks. I had the SP on my radar as a potential summer board, but now I am trying to kill two boards with one stone. Summer board + rehab board. Mainly I need something stable for the time being that will let me get situated, work my way back in to rail to rail surfing and ultimately back to normal... The SP still looks like a good match in terms of volume and summer-ability but I'm not sure stiff fins would keep it in check enough to let me cruise. Any feedback from those that ride SP's would be appreciated.

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    hey surfer,
    what did you ride prior to the injury??

    if you have been riding shortboards, then the potato is a great option. If you are a long boarder or prefer more length and high volume, perhaps the addvance would be better.



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      I primarily ride shorter shortboards (stubs), my standard dimensions are typically:
      - stub: 5'8 x 19.25 x 2.375
      - HPSB - 6'1 x 19.25 x 2.25

      Usually I run about 28-30cl of volume. I'm 6ft x 175, i was thinking of going 5'6 on the SP or 5'5 on the baked


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        yeah definitely, i think that is spot on. At 100% health you could certainly ride the 504/505...


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          I had gone through the post. I need some more information about the topic for clear understand. One of my friend said If riding shortboards, then the potato is a great option. How can we choose it is one of the best option?


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            I heard about the SP Rehab board, but had no experience yet. I had seen many of the people regained their health to normal position after taking the Rehabilitation treatment. It includes the treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness or disease to as normal a condition as possible, The person may also gain self sufficiency during the process. Could you please produce some attachment links regarding the SP rehab center?


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              Ya gotta laugh


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                Hi James,

                You are correct, the REHAB version of the SP looks to be a great alternative to traditional physical therapy.

                I believe the cost for one of these is roughly $900 give or take?

                At any rate, they come with orange floaties so that lifeguards can easily spot you and a pre loaded water proof iPod with Mariah Caries Hero.

                Some other features of this package are helmet with mouth guard and a jersey to go over your wetsuit with the word Champion on it. A great package for the price if you ask me.