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  • Quad Fish Ride Report

    Hi fellas, Can someone give me a ride report on a high volume quad fish ... are they the fastest of the hybrid/purestoke range ... do they grovel ...... can they turn in the pocket .... what fins work best .... I'm 72Kg's and was looking at the 5'8 ?? Thanks

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    I haven't surfed the retro/higher volume version, only the HP version. I didn't really get on well with it. I found it hard to generate speed on and difficult to turn well on. I had medium SA25 quads which should have worked ok, maybe different fins would have helped. For me the Sweet Potato beats it in every way. Faster, more responsive and much better turning radius and more fun. The QF would be fun in good quality down the line point surf I reckon.


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      The fish is mostly a groveller. You will find its harder to turn than any of the potato family. Is just a different feeling,more drawing your line and follow it. I really liked mine when I had it (the HP version on 5'8 and 5'10"). If you are looking for fun on the small scale go for the baked potato


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        I agree with Iggy and Phill. I had every kind of FW fish: twin, quad (HP and Retro) of various sizes and loved them all at the time. After riding my SPs and BP, I would never go back to any of those fishes. The Potatoes have made them obsolete. Kind of like going back to 8-track tapes now. Great in their time, but they have been replaced by something superior.
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          Pagey, that's a great analogy. The potato series has reinvented small wave surfing. One of the best boards to bring with you on any surf check.

          - Firewire Intern Josh