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  • mccoy / bigger guy substitute.

    Hi. Has anyone found a fire wire that floats or rides like a mccoy?. My mccoy has allowed me (at112kg).to ride a 6''4. Due to t volume. Id love to try a fire wire that can rival it. Has anyone swapped from mccoy to fire wire and which model worked. Thanks

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    A potatonator will work in the 2-5' range. For comparable float you'd be looking at a 6'4 - 6'6". That's for a shortboard feel. If you'd like a fishy feel then a 6'6" or 6'10" Addvance and you'll make a right pest of yourself catching everything on the 6'10".


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      The Dominator Has the big round tail like the Mc Coys and a more refined nose but the rocker is a lot flatter than the loaded dome so unless your riding it in real steep waves, it will paddle and catch waves easier at the same volume. At 112 kg's you could look between 6'4" and 6'8" depending on how much float you want. Mc Coy adjusts his thickness to suit the clients requirements so its hard to say what volume a 6'4" would be, Ive had two and they were very different to each other. As Cuttlefish pointed out the Addvance is another option and it has a fuller rocker it would be good if you could get a demo.


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        I have been addicted to Nuggets for 15 years now and am just trying to ween myself off them the last few years, because having moved from tube riding heaven (The 50% Gold Coast and 50% Bali/Japan) to west coast NZ where tubes are like chickens teeth, I`m having a hard time with the Nuggets on the flat faced waves around here...

        I tried a few different boards and ended up buying an Alternator. 6'4"
        It has a good 10 liters less foam than my smallest 6`0" nugget but still catches waves pretty well. The thing I can't get my head around even after more than a year of riding the Alternator is the stop/start feeling. (Oh, and the fact the my one year old board is nearly dead when I have ten year old nuggets that still look like new).
        I`ve ridden a few friends boards and have come to realize that stop/start seems to be a trade mark of high performance boards. That all so addictive trim and flow of a Nugget is only found in Fishy type boards and any of those I`ve ridden, (including the Potatonator) just won`t turn in the pocket like a loaded dome will.

        It seems to me that nothing will do everything I want really well. The Nuggets are probably the best compromise of a do it all and ride anything board. BUT, having said that, I`m still searching and have ordered a Vanguard because it has a wide tail and high volume for the length. I`m hoping it might be the one that finally feels better than my Nuggets in the waves we get here.

        Whatever you choose, just understand that the Loaded Dome is a little bit of Genius and every board is a compromise in some way or another. Just have to find the compromise that suits you best!


        • Phill
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          I was going to say give a vanguard a go. They have all the positive qualities of a fish and all the positive qualities of a high performance board and none (that I can think of) of the negative that fish and HP boards have.
          Built in speed, great flow, drive off the straight rail like a fish but still turn and hold in like a high performance board.

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        I know where you're coming from (6' Astron zot is part of my quiver) and I reckon you could get along well with a 6'6" addvance. If you look around all the other board shapers who else is there that packs foam into a board like an Astron zot 6' x 22" x 3" board (single fin to boot) that is not just made as an uber groveller? The addvance will turn tight in the pocket but flow through the turns and have really good glide on flatter faced waves. People just can't get their head around the foam packed into the shape and walk away from them in the racks.