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    The real kick in the teeth is I could be out enjoying this on it as we speak instead of carrying out ding repair!

    That said, until someone gets some FCSII fins in stock in this country it'll be tricky anyway. The only front fins I have are Powerbase, and as the FCSII boxes have the grub screws on either side on all fins, the Powerbase set won't actually work in these plugs. I stitched myself right up!
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      Yeah you can run standard FCS, you just need to buy the grub screws separately and there's a little packer for the front tab that you're supposed to use but I don't think is actually necessary. Yeah the board is real nice! So pissed about the ding, but I've just got to sand in the hot coat today and it'll all be fine so no big deal. It feels so wide after getting used to 18" though haha. We've had a few good days of great waves, about time really!


      • Matt_s
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        Even my el fuego at 19 3/4 wide feels like a pencil compare to my BP, must be even weirder coming from 18 and something inches wide.

        Wait till you get a couple good surfs on it, your gonna be so stoked! May the good run of surf continue long into the autumn

      • csarqui
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        Let us know how it goes Phill. Too bad about the ding. I know how you feel. I once purchased an Aviso RNF, put it in my car and then set the back seats down in my hatchback and a screw went right thru the carbon fiber. Couldn't believe that I did it. :(

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      I matched the shade of wood with some wood filler which was really close then put a patch of fibreglass over the area and have blended it all in. I just have a slight sand through of the hot coat where I've touched the wood to seal back in. I'm half tempted to give it a little spray with some clear lacquer.


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        Originally posted by cuttlefish View Post
        Here's a shot of the keels.
        Just looks faaaasssst.
        Not the best placement but gotta try it anyway.

        Uploaded with
        I was just curious if you have gotten to try this setup yet? Or if anyone has gotten to ride the BP as a twin fin with either keels or just maybe the Sea Worthy fronts in? I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts about it. Thinking of trying this setup but won't bother trying if it doesn't ride well at all.

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