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  • TT v. FST

    Has anyone ridden the identical board in both TT and FST construction? How do the buoyancies compare. I'm considering going a size smaller because I've read the TT are slightly more buoyant (26 L instead of 29 L). I normally ride 29 L boards. Would I see the difference in a 26 L TT?

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    From my reading of Firewire's volume charts the TT and FST have the same volumes and use the same foam. Weight seems slightly heavier and flex pattern may differ. I was told by company representative that flex was best in FST then TT then RF. After PU and surftech boards any flex that lasted was appreciated!
    As far as losing 10% of volume on a board you will see an equivalent reduction in buoyancy - there simply isn't the foam to support the person on it. This will make a difference when in a steamer or on smaller, slow, sloppy days. I have ridden a FST Dominator 6'6" and a TTSpitfire 6'6" (similar volume and surface area) and noticed no appreciable difference in floatation or paddle speed. Both were too corky for me. I stick around the 40- 42 litre mark (that is close to top end of volume calculator for me) and find changing board lengths or fins a way to liven myself up. I tend to find that I start scratching and having difficulty paddling for waves earlier in a session on my shorter Spitfire than longer boards of same volume but I ride it in fatter conditions, so the cause could be a number of things.
    You might also consider rail shape as it has an impact on performance of "thicker" boards. Volume is not the only variable and foam must float its own weight as well as you and wetsuit etc.
    I would seriously consider riding demo boards to test your idea before investing cash in it.
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      Thanks, that helps a lot. I'm definitely going to demo some boards before making the investment. Right now I like the shape of the v2 rocket as small wave board, and I demoed a 5-8 potatonator.