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  • do not buy LFT

    i not buy're gonna waste your money..just buckled the bottom of my sweet potato..if you're gonna spend that kind of money you might as well buy a regular pu board..firewire should just stick to the FST..that's why people buy firewires for the durability..stop making the LFT..FST only please

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    Sucks to hear mate. Have contacted anyone from FireWire yet? Or thought it would be a better idea to jump on here and bag it out 1st? I've buckled firewires before, but they are happy to listen, assist, and in some circumstances replace or repair boards. I'd go back to the surf store, get them to have a look and contact FireWire for you. Another option for you is take your own advice and only buy the fst variety. Keep in mind, surfboards are not indestructible, and that includes firewires. Imagine you get a golf club and buckle in the first time you use it. Would you expect it to be replaced? Probably not, would you buy another? Probably would. If the stringer of your spud is still in one piece just get it repaired. It will surf almost exactly the same.


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      it's better to air it out here because i don't want anyone buying something that won't last..i've been surfing for over 30 years..most people that buy firewires are intermediate surfers and they'll be wasting there money on an LFT..firewire is known for it's durability so why are they making boards now that have the same durability as a pu board..i hope the company heads my advice and does away with LFT or at least make it more durable..i wish i had an FST but they messed up my order and i was stuck with this weak construction


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        Chris@Firewire is very consciences so contact him. By early accounts the LFT seems similar to RF which I prefer in feel. The RF was a bit more durable then regular old PU so I see its benefits. If LFT does follows suite then I think it has merit. At any rate, thanks for the post as its causing me to rethink my future VG/Vader purchase in FST though. I think some one else had posted there LFT snapping on fairly mundane conditions so worth a rethink. Still they do look very cool.