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  • Unibrow as a one-quiver-board?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm from Holland and surf mostly mushy waves from 1 till 5 ft. I surf a 5'8 P'nator and really love it. I'm thinking about buying a 6'0 UB for the better days and surftrips.

    But since I'm always looking for that 'magic one-quiver-board' I thought that buying a 6'1 UB to replace my P'nator is maybe a better idea… Both boards have almost the same volume, but I don't know whether a 6'1 UB is a good groveler for the Dutch mushy conditions...

    So the question is: a 2 board quiver with a 5'8 P'nator + 6'0 UB? Or a 1 board quiver with just a 6'1 UB?

    Anybody got any advice?

    Cheers! Robin

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    I would say if you don't need to sell your PN to fund the Uni. Keep it and get the Uni too. Or sell the PN and get a baked + Uni would be a sick quiver. I hardly ride my PN since getting my BP. I ride a BP sub scorcher and mini driver as my 3 board quiver. I am thinking on getting a v2 rocket to replace the sub and PN.


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      I've been riding a Unibrow for the last month. I'm 175lbs and it's a 5'8, so it's a bit under volumed for the average person. The board paddles into waves very well. Similar to a Dominator or Spitfire. It grovels small 2ft punchy waves really well because it gets in early and gives you tons of control. Although, it doesn't grovel mushy conditions as well as other boards that I've tried. If your home break is a total mush burger, you may not want to sell your PN till you try out the Uni first.


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        I would have to say 2 boards as well. The Unibrow is good and has a wide range but you'll really struggle on those weak North Sea days, assuming you intend to surf those days.

        Can any North Sea surfers remember what waves look like? Worst summer....EVER!


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          If you have the means to have a two board (one board for smaller/ weaker days and one board for bigger/ more powerful days), then I would definitely recommend that route. A one board quiver is a bit challenging because you will compromise your performance in either small or big surf depending on which board you choose. There isn't really one board that can do it all perfectly. You can get close, however, so if you do choose the one board route, then I agree with what the guys above are saying about the UB - that or the PN or DM.

          - Firewire Intern Josh


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            I would totally agree with madprof I lived on the North Sea coast it's gona give you way more water time.


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              i like the potatonator better then the uni... i don't ride my uni really anymore bc the potatonator is so good.. fyi i ditched my sweet potato for the potatonator.. sweet didnt' fit in the shape of the beachbreaks here to well imo.. have had the nator up to about shoulder and loved it


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                Thank you all for your advice & suggestions... 2 boards it is!

                @pmorgan: I switched my Sweet Potato for the P'nator because I found the SP to wide. I thought about the Baked Potato as well, but reckoned that would still be to wide...

                @csarqui & madprof: The Northsea can deliver some good waves, but last summer was terrible indeed! The P'nator will probably be the best choice for most of the waves it has to offer ;-(

                @kdropin: I have even surfed my P'nator in powerfull 5ft swell in France last summer. It was still okay but on some waves I had to push my backfoot really hard(!) to make a decent bottom turn. I think a UB will be a better board for those conditions.

                @Josh: I'll stick to you comment: "There isn't really one board that can do it all perfectly". Thank you!


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                  I've gone Baked plus Uni. I agree with the comment that the Baked is wide but its great on small days, it can be a really exciting board. However, it can catch a rail being short and stubby, especially in windy chop and it does need its own technique because its got so little rocker.

                  If I was trying to make a 1 board quiver work I'd go Dom/Activator/Spitfire, they grovel well but have higher top ends than the Baked or Potato as they have a bit more rocker.