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  • Unibrow for wave count and face time?

    I'm 6' 1" 185lbs 44 years old, solid Intermediate maybe intermediate+ decent physical shape. I've been surfing off and on for about 30 years, mostly on cheap or ill-fitting boards, either under volumed narrow shortboards or big clunky eggs. I've recently fallen back in love with surfing and am pretty stoked on the revolution that the dominator has created. I wish these types of boards were around when I was first learning.

    Anyway, I'm looking to get a board that will up my wave count and simply give me more time on the face, but something that is still designed for performance. I'm thinking along the lines of a Unibrow 6' 4" or 6' 6" or a hellfire/hellrazer with similar volume. Also looking at the vanguard around 5' 11" or so. There are so many options in the Firewire lineup it's hard to know where to start.

    Most of my surfing will be mushy to decent, chest to overhead, southern cali beach breaks. I demoed a 6' 6" dominator in 2-3 ft. weak mush and loved the paddle power but it felt a little clunky. Part of it was probably the crappy surf. My current go to board is a 6' 8" degree33 thruster. It's fine when I'm up on a clean face but I want something with a little more groveling power.

    Anyway, just looking for general suggestions.


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    zgott, sounds like you tried a giant Dominator for your size. At 180, I was riding a 5'10 and then went down to a 5'8. I recommend that you demo a 6'0 or even a 5'10 to experience the Dominator properly.

    But to answer your original question, yes, the Unibrow is a great board for both small/weak conditions and it works really well when the waves pick up. I think that it has replaced a lot of Dominators out there. Don't go too big though.


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      I'd personally peg the right Dom size at 6'0" to 6'4" depending on fitness, skill and preferences for a 44 year old 180lb bloke. A UB would also be great at around 6'2".


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        I am 54 and same weight and on 6'6" unibrow (points and size) and a 6'4" spitfire for smaller, mushburgers. Volume is high but not feeling corky. I like the paddle power as you need to beat those fit, young little people on to them. Nothing worse than being a spectator floating around like a used teabag!!!!!! My advice is go towards higher end of what volume calculator calculates and the more crowded and competitive your local break the more volume you will need with the years!


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          Thanks guys. I figured the 6' 6" was a bit too big but it's all they had. I just found a used 6' 2" dom for a good deal, so that's my new board. Judging by the replys, it seems a safe buy. Now I'm just waiting for a swell.


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            I think the 6 2 Dom should work for you. I also agree with having a little more paddle power, as long as the board doesnt feel corky.


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              I'd agree with csarqui, i'm 37, 6.1 and 175lbs -185 lbs and ride the 5.8 dom as my main board, the 5.10 felt horrible to me, seriously you need to at least test a 5.8, don't be afraid of less volume length, once you get used to it, it is epic ;-)


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                Thanks onshoreandmessy. 5'8" seems tiny. What kind of conditions do you need in order to take that board out? I assume it's not your groveler. I'm going the Firewire demo day at Seaside this Sat, so hopefully I'll learn a little something.


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                  yes mate its my groveler, only need waist high+ shitty onshore gutless beach break upto overhead and clean, in fact i have surfed it in thigh high waves and i can still make it go. The dom isnt designed for good big waves, it slides out when it gets big, also the nose rocker is flat and i struggle with that when its offshore, air drops are barely makable, i spend most of my time making sure i have lots of pressure on the back foot to bring the nose up, which results in then having too much weight on my back foot when i am stood up then have to sort my shit out. Also it slides out like a bitch on good waves, if you try and compensate by putting bigger fins in then you lose the magic of the dom, pointless in my eyes.

                  This is my i am looking at buying the unibrow, looks more rangey than the dom, with a tail that shouldn't slide out and hopefully some more rocker in the nose.

                  What i will say is dont base your decision on one session, i hated my dom for 2 sessions, now i wouldnt be without it, ever! best board i have ever ridden!